Jeddah Mali at Findhorn


The time has come for mankind to shift the entire paradigm of human consciousness from limitation to freedom. The vision of a stable and harmonious human presence upon this planet is not one we can afford to pass up.


This is Jeddah’s invitation for her workshop (11-12 June)
and 3-day transformational retreat (13-15 June)
Embracing a New Chapter for Mankind.


Jeddah Mali at Stillheart InstituteJeddah discovered at an early age that she had the ability and awareness to understand, and interact with, the intangible: Experiences that taught her how the intention of thought governs differing energy states, which in turn affect the behaviour of matter. Her own questioning led her, at the age of 20, to embark on a 20 year long journey which led her to Asia to study with some of the world's highest ranking masters. She is now best known for her mentoring work; helping individuals overcome the limitations of their own thinking and teaching them how to better use the creative capacity of thought to realise Oneness.

At this weekend workshop we will explore the fundamental building blocks of life and ask: How is it designed and structured? What makes it work? What is it that brings us pain, struggle and limitation?

Jeddah will lead participants through a series of exercises to demonstrate the mechanism of existence and how that model applies to all phenomena, both internal and external. We'll look at the implications of this model in our present operating mode and see how closely our internal environment matches the nature of existence. JeddahMali2We will then move on to investigate the role of thought and its impact on our experience and perception.

The programme will allow time for presentation, discussion, question time and closed eye analysis (analytical meditation). Previous experience has shown that participants find the content and delivery revealing, compelling, fascinating, intriguing, fun and transformational.

So join us for an inspiring and instructive journey with internationally acclaimed visionary and teacher Jeddah Mali. We look forward to welcoming you.

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2 May 2011