Doing small things with great love…

Hello everyone,

I am in Australia; geographically a long way from the Findhorn mothership, so I am well able to identify with you all in far flung corners of the earth. Being so far away, I realise even more strongly how important this energetic connection is for the global Findhorn family.

PeopleWork021As walls of water engulf villages in Japan, buildings collapse in New Zealand, the earth's axis shifts, governments topple in the Middle East and wars continue to rage, I have been living and caring for my 89 year old father and taking my mother out and about in her wheelchair — experiences I suspect many of you can resonate with. It's been both a challenging and rewarding time as I put into practice the compassion that ten years of living at Findhorn has taught me. As I attend to the minutiae of my parents' daily life, I know that it is in these small acts of service, performed with love, that we can find meaning and nourishment.

I think of us all as seeds of a new earth, and it is increasingly clear to me that the spiritual principles on which Findhorn is founded must take root in the daily choices we make and actions we take, wherever we are. And it is so nourishing to be supported by community — geographic or web-based — as we seek to evolve humanity's consciousness.

NatureLand130If you feel drawn to nurture your own growth this summer at the Findhorn mothership, there are many opportunities to engage with personal and planetary change.

On June 11 and 12 Jeddah Mali, international mentor and consultant, leads Embracing a New Chapter for Mankind. Jeddah says, “The time has come for mankind to shift the entire paradigm of human consciousness from limitation to freedom,” and she asks whether there may not be an undiscovered part of our hardwiring as human beings to support this. Join Jeddah to examine what the future world we desire requires of us now, and what the most viable options are for achieving this.

There is also a follow-on Transformational 3-Day Retreat with Jeddah.

18-24 June we are delighted to offer Sattva Yoga Retreat – Time and Space to Nourish Your Heart and Body. This is a week of yoga enquiry and practice, meditation, and inner exploration with Johanna Holloman. Joanna approaches Yoga from the inside out, teaching how to move energy and consciousness through the body and to understand the Yin and Yang aspects of our practice and our Being. All levels of Yoga practice are welcome.

esalen_massageIf you book this workshop together with Training for the Aspiring and Practising Healer, which immediately precedes it, there is a £100 discount off the combined price of the two events.

This is followed by the ever-popular month-long Esalen Massage Certification Training (25 June – 22 July) developed over the last 40 years at the Esalen Institute in California. This technique is known for its long integrating strokes, creating an experience of deep relaxation supporting the natural ability of body and mind to self-heal.

The rest of the summer also has rich pickings and I can't resist mentioning a few: Herbs for Spirit and Soul, Festival of Dance, Music and Song (Yves Moreau is back!), Summer Retreat Weeks on Iona, Nonviolent Communication Intensive, The Adventure of Mythodrama, Youth, Family and Music Experience Weeks, Summer Solstice on Erraid and the wonderful Bending, Not Breaking – Inner Resilience in Turbulent Times. For all these and more see our calendar of events.

PeopleComm106And finally, advance notice of the return of Caroline Myss with The Seven Graces and Shadow Passions of Your Soul (17-19 September). This is a chance to explore the true centre of your power as Caroline guides you, in her own inimitable way, to know yourself more deeply and to realise that there is an abundance of grace to assist in every choice you make.

Afterwards, there is the opportunity to stay on to integrate and reflect by joining A Taste of Findhorn (20-23 September), an opportunity also to connect with the Findhorn Foundation community. (There is a £100 discount off the combined price of Caroline Myss and the Findhorn taster).

The £100 discount also applies if you combine Caroline Myss with James Finlay: Following the Mystics through the Narrow Gate (20-22 September). This retreat with James is an informal but in-depth exploration of the ways in which the mystics from Christian, Buddhist and other traditions help us find our way through the interior landscape of our own soul through meditation, prayer, compassion and the cultivation of humility.

NatureLand124As I write in strong Australian sun, no doubt the daffodils are beginning to appear at Findhorn. I know that the new education workshop space, named Legacy, was opened recently (a huge thank you to those of you who supported this appeal); Cullerne Garden has a new wormery and is successfully growing all sorts of mushrooms; and the Park Housing Co-op project continues to slowly take shape.

With global communication bringing world events closer and closer I feel the unity of the human family more strongly than ever, and that we are all stewards of the same earth. We are so closely interconnected and every one of our small actions committed with great love ripples out to uplift a troubled world.

Blessings on all your endeavours.

With love and laughter.

Yvonne Cuneo
for the Communications Team

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.

Mother Teresa

30 March 2011