Spring Events at Findhorn

Dear Friends,

We are looking forward to two new events this spring and are excited to let you know about them. As we collectively move forward into a time of activity and setting seed, Jon Young will come to Findhorn for the first time, and our Easter weekend conference, Conscious Medicine, will potentially inspire new ways of thinking and being.

Jon Young on Nature Connection, Spiritual Wellbeing and Cultural Repair

19 – 23 March
Cultural pioneer, visionary and worldclass naturalist Jon Young is coming to Findhorn this March. Through storytelling from earth based cultures around the world, Jon brings us an enduring vision of how we can create nature based culture and global healing.

When our culture is designed on the bedrock of nature connection, our spirits thrive and human creativity soars. Yet, today we often need to ‘retreat’ from our culture in order to find our authentic selves. Most people in the west have no daily need to even be in direct contact with nature beyond the air that they breathe. Indigenous wisdom tells us that the sole job of culture is to bring us into deep connection with nature and self. So what is culture? What blocks it? And how do we repair it so that its heart beats in nature?

Jon was mentored as a child into a powerful relationship with nature and sense of place by the renowned tracker Tom Brown Jr and is guided by the support of traditional native elders from around the world. This intensive will explore what nature based cultural repair means and enable you to embody it.

Jon sits where spirit meets soul, earth meets sky. He is a timeless storyteller whose knowledge comes direct from the natural world.

Conscious Medicine – creating health in a conscious universe

23 – 26 April
This year’s Easter Conference is about the exciting new field of Conscious Medicine — which recognises that the body mirrors our state of consciousness, that we are not victims of our genes, that negative beliefs and trauma lie at the root of most dis-ease, and that the higher purpose of any symptom or illness is to help us to evolve consciously. It will explore how the emergent new science relates to healthcare and medicine, how we can heal ourselves and others, and why dis-ease is ‘vibrational’. What does it mean to live in a conscious (or psycho-energetic) universe, and how can this model help us to create health and vitality?

Keynote speakers will be Gill Edwards, clinical psychologist and author of Conscious Medicine; Karl Dawson, EFT Master and co-author of Matrix Reimprinting; Stephanie Mines, neuropsychologist and author of We Are All In Shock; Arielle Essex, NLP master practitioner and author who healed herself of a brain tumour; and John McGregor, consultant radiologist and shaman. Workshops will include: healing the light body, mindfulness in medicine, cancer: the healing journey, conscious breathing, healing with family constellations, the wounded healer – and many more. There will also be laughter yoga, sacred clowning, energy work, inner journeys, music and dancing.

Whether you’re a health practitioner who is using (or moving towards) new paradigm approaches, or facing your own health issues, or simply interested in the links between health, spirituality and the new science, this pioneering conference is not to be missed!

We look forward to welcoming you (back) to Findhorn and sharing these moments of inspiration and awareness.

With very best wishes,


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17 January 2011