Towards a more compassionate world

Hello everyone,

As I walked through a very snowy Findhorn today with ice creaking and cracking on the bay and very little green in sight, I couldn’t help but smile at the knowledge that somewhere deep in the earth next year’s daffodils and snowdrops are already in production.


I love to step back and imagine the earth turning and the Findhorn family scattered far and wide yet heart- and internet-connected. Whether you are celebrating midsummer, the rainy season or the depth of stillness winter offers, I know we are all sprouting and budding new shoots as we shift to a consciousness that is inclusive and compassionate and which inspires change in how we relate to each other and our world.

Although winter brings a well-earned in-breath much is happening here. The Trustees visited in early December and appreciated the Foundation’s increasing relevance in a world facing systemic economic, environmental and social instability. For a deeply inspiring read about the big picture of Findhorn’s world service I encourage you to read our Annual Report for 2009/10.


The hugely successful Bioneers event in early November also clearly demonstrated our growing work in the world — you can read full reports for this 4-day event by clicking here.

As I look back at 2010 and the first chunk of the 21st century I can’t help but reflect on the humble beginnings and amazing achievements of this community. It is four years since Eileen Caddy’s death and her simple teaching of being still, listening and obeying our inner wisdom is still at the heart of how we live. It’s also lovely to see Dorothy Maclean, our only surviving co-founder, walking in The Park and be reminded of the powerful consequences of any one of us connecting with the intelligence of nature. And everywhere I look I see the fruits of Peter Caddy’s inspired action.


If you are interested in joining us at Findhorn for at least six months of inspired action, and have completed Experience Week and two months of Living in Community Guest Programme, LEAP is our new staff intake programme. We welcome you to come and contribute your own unique gifts and skills and engage with the joys and challenges of daily life in a spiritual community, education centre and ecovillage.

With 42 people joining us for our New Year Gathering on 29 December, 2011 promises to be a lively year. I wish I could attend all the wonderful things on offer in our brochure (download here) — the Easter Conscious Medicine conference, Patch Adams in May, Caroline Myss in September, one of the Games of Transformation, a retreat on Iona — to name but a few!

One important event which is not in our 2011 brochure is the Jon Young Intensive: Nature Connection, Spiritual Wellbeing and Community Resilience, 19-23 March. Jon is a storyteller and visionary who has much to offer, having spent 30 years applying deep indigenous wisdom to modern educational contexts.


Despite the freezing weather, work has already begun on our new education building which replaces our yurt. It will be ready for the spring and we are so glad to have a building fully accessible for all people, energy efficient, with a low carbon footprint, and sitting harmoniously in beautifully landscaped gardens. Huge thanks to everyone who has contributed so far – your donations have enabled us to go forward in confidence to raise the remaining funds that we need to complete the project. To support this project, or for more information, please visit here.

On the 21 December, the community met in the Universal Hall for our yearly tradition of walking the solstice spiral, releasing the past 12 months and making intentions for the coming year. It is a very beautiful personal and collective ritual honouring the integration of dark and light. The overlighting angel for 2010, BEAUTY, was released and COMPASSION chosen for 2011. The Angel Cards Book describes Compassion as a heartfelt understanding that encompasses the pain in oneself and others, dissolves judgment and opens the way for acceptance. I can’t think of a more beautiful quality with which to begin the new year.

And finally, a big hello to the wonderful people who participated in the two Findhorn Days I facilitated in Sydney and Brisbane in November. It was a pleasure to laugh, dance, meditate and share with you and to be inspired by your endeavours. I look forward to the Foundation increasing its presence in Australasia.

Sending peace and delight around the globe, from everyone at Findhorn
With love and laughter,
Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team

23 December 2010