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Hello everyone,

Cluny woods and The Park are ablaze with autumn colour, there is snow on the hills and the geese are heading south. Warm smiles to every one of you, both north and south, east and west, in jungle and in desert, in city streets or rolling countryside — there is the same light within us all. As the hours of sunlight fade or lengthen in your part of the world may you feel connected and energised by our global family.

Summer is over but Park Kitchen has never been busier: American college students; a large, energetic international group of all ages training to be trainers in Ecovillage Design Education; and four European Voluntary Services young people from Norway, Hungary and Bulgaria, here for a year.

There is a lot happening in the area of communication this month – we hope you like our wider, more colourful, more vibrantly alive website and find it even more user-friendly. We also welcome a new film, Follow The Rainbow, by German film-maker Markus Werner. Markus traces the history of the Findhorn Foundation, honours the founders Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Maclean, and talks to residents about life at Findhorn. You can read a review and view the trailer here and buy the DVD here.

Thirdly, Dorothy Maclean launched her new book, Memoirs of an Ordinary Mystic. I treasure my personally signed copy and was fascinated by the details of Dorothy's journey – her childhood in Canada, being part of the British secret service during World War II, co-founding the Findhorn Foundation and subsequently becoming a spiritual teacher much in demand around the world. You can read a review here.

As temperatures drop we are happy that our new biomass heating system is up and running. We held a blessing for this addition to our infrastructure on October 10, as part of the global 10:10 initiative. The boiler will cut The Park and 250 residents' carbon emissions by 5% which puts us well on the way to fulfilling the community's pledge to cut emissions by 10% this year.

Our brochure for 2011 will be posted to those of you who receive the printed copy mid November and will be on the website soon after. There is also a new publication — a four page newsy update of the myriad of interesting and uplifting things that are happening at Findhorn, linked with an appeal for donations to support our ongoing work, especially for a new education facility at The Park. You can read it here. The new education centre will be the latest in eco-design and also accessible to all, including those with special needs. You may remember me talking of how heartwarming it was to welcome a wheelchair-bound group and their carers last year and to see them blossom — this building project is part of the Foundation's commitment to better serve all such groups. If you feel drawn to support this initiative please see Building a new Education Facility.

But 2010 is not over yet and we have many wonderful programmes happening in December, including a Spiritual Practice over the winter solstice and a lively gathering, a healing retreat and a Game of Transformation over new year. See our calendar of events for December for details.

If you are already looking further ahead, February is rich with a variety of offerings:

  • an inexpensive way of reconnecting with the Foundation if you have participated in Experience Week is to be part of a spring clean at either Cluny (19 February) or The Park (5 February). There'll be sparkle on the inner and the outer by the end of the week!
  • due to the success of the last Your Exquisite Body of Light, we have scheduled an additional date, 5 February. This is a powerful opportunity to uncover and explore your unique individual healership with practical exercises to experience and learn about energy flow, chakras and auras. Highly recommended.
  • Essentials of Psychosynthesis, 12 February, is a blend of experience and theory of this life-changing method which can be applied personally and professionally and is the entry point to professional training in psychosynthesis.
  • Ecovillage Training, 12 February for four weeks. This is a chance to learn about, experience and take with you, the accumulated wisdom of the 48 year Findhorn experiment in combining environmental, social, economic and spiritual sustainability. Developed in association with Global Ecovillage Network Europe, Ecovillage Training provides a practical forum for learning, and for developing action plans and also draws on many local and international initiatives.

Something new in 2011 is the Jon Young Intensive: Nature Connection, Spiritual Wellbeing and Community Resilience, 19-23 March. If you are interested in learning more about using co-creation with the natural world as a way to build healthy individuals and communities this three-day intensive with Jon Young is for you.

And finally, a special reminder of a new programme I mentioned last time and which I see as having huge potential for those of us who want a clear, ongoing, supported journey to the core of our being. This is the Findhorn Intensive starting in March with six residential weeks over 18 months with distance mentoring and peer support. I can't think of a better gift for yourself or a friend.

On November 17 it will be the community's 48th birthday — let's all celebrate the birth of a community which, through all the delights and challenges of its growth, has bravely supported a way of life which is heart-centred, connected to all of life and inspired from within. Something to be proud of! And something which continues all over the globe through you, Findhorn's 14,000 dear friends. Thank you!

Blessings on you all.

With love and laughter
Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team

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8 November 2010