Who Are We and Where Are We Growing?

Hello everyone,

I am still floating on a connectivity high after a superb Festival of Sacred Dance, Music and Song and the joy of being alive is strong in me. All of us at Findhorn send you a burst of love and resilience to support you through a southern hemisphere winter or perhaps a northern hemisphere heatwave.

I continue to love meeting those of you who introduce yourselves to me when you are visiting – it adds another dimension to our 13,000-person email attunement circle and heart connection. The world wide web is such a lovely confirmation of the interconnection we instinctively know and feel.

Quite a few of you were here for The Planetary Game – an enormously powerful week for the participants who were playing for us all. The purpose was: We intend to cultivate a spirit of partnership with the sacred within ourselves, our relationships, our work, our collective structures and nature and the environment, allowing and bringing forth new patterns of consciousness and expressions of wholeness. To read the details of how this inspirational intention played out in the week-long game click here. The Foundation is already exploring dates for the next Planetary Game in 2012, which is our 50th birthday year.

There is such a lot happening in the community this summer – a very positive buzz of solid foundations, healthy change, growing cohesion and vibrant projects: our first Music Experience Week took place at Cluny Hill; a group of 27 young entrepreneurs who are committed to a new paradigm for business, spent five days at The Park hatching new projects; a lively community meeting worked creatively with the question “Who are we and where are we growing?”; the singing chamber built into the earth at the side of the Universal Hall is taking shape; the new biomass boiler has arrived; and the Duneland development behind the Universal Hall is moving forward with conscious care, planning to provide affordable housing especially to help younger people settle and raise families, as well as a variety of housing for our elders.

It has been rich to hear David Spangler, an influential figure in the history of Findhorn, speak via video link from Washington, USA on the huge screen in the Hall – especially on the topic of resilience in response to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. To listen to this talk click here.

It was helpful to hear him strongly articulate that we are here to stand for a consciousness which honours the sacredness of our relationships to each other, the planet and the inner worlds.

I am continually touched to see a shift in consciousness occurring all around me and to see hearts opening through the simple yet powerful ways we relate to each other and participants at Findhorn. Last week an Experience Week participant voiced how much he is nourished by the attunement and check-in in Park Kitchen – that hearing the common humanity present in people from all over the world and feeling the caring energy so present awakens in him the knowledge that we can each transform ourselves and thus our world.

If you are feeling you’d like some care and nourishment there is nowhere better than our retreat house on the Isle of Iona. Summer retreatsTraigh continue every week of the summer till September 4, followed by a variety of themed weeks:
Gay Men in Retreat 4-11 September,
Art & Meditation
18-25 September,
Autumn Retreat 2-9 October, and
Game of Transformation Retreat 23-30 October.
All retreats require previous participation in Experience Week.

9-16 October we offer Introduction to the Healing Art of Esalen® Massage. This method of massage developed at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California creates an experience of deep relaxation, supporting the natural ability of body and mind to self-organise and heal. Participants will be presented with an overview of Esalen® Massage techniques, enabling them to give a full body massage on completion of the course. There will also be a month-long certification training at the Findhorn Foundation in June 2011 – click here for details.

This is followed by the welcome return of Gigi Coyle, wilderness rite-of-passage guide and trainer, and presenter of Remembering the Nature of Council, Saturday 16-23 October 2010. Gigi brings presence and integrity to this ancient form and modern practice which encourages experience of community, attentive listening, honest and compassionate expression and shared initiative, responsibility and leadership. Reading The Way of Council by Zimmerman and Coyle, and some experience in council or circle, is prerequisite.

For those of you looking further ahead I recommend The Wonder of Being: Awakening to an Intimacy Beyond Words, 20 November 2010. In this 3-day programme Jeff Foster shares the timeless message of nondual consciousness in a simple, human and down-to-earth way, creating a friendly and informal atmosphere to explore it, and with the opportunity to question or simply sit in silence.

In November I will be in eastern Australia for a variety of reasons and I feel inspired to lead some Findhorn Foundation day or half-day experiences in Sydney, Brisbane or the Byron Bay area. If there are any Aussies interested in either helping to organise or attending please contact me at . For details of outreach education happening in your part of the world see our Outreach Education page.

Wishing you deep peace and endless joy wherever you are,
With love and laughter,
Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications Team
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2 August 2010