May Magic

Hello to you, sisters and brothers in this community of the spirit,

All is very, very well at Findhorn. Volcanic ash, hail showers and wintry temperatures well into May merely remind us of the power of natural forces and how imperative it is that we change our relationship with the fragile web in which we live. Chloe Goodchild, of The Naked Voice, said last Saturday in the Universal Hall, “We need a huge sound from the global heart,” and I agree. It warms me to imagine this global heart and to tune into the heartbeat which links us all together.

updates2010/05-26Installation of the biomass boiler is successfully underway and will be completed in September; Trustees visited for twice-yearly meetings in early May; a week of hot summery weather saw the revamping of the always popular volleyball court; the College hosted 45 first year students in Environmental Civil Engineering and Environmental Management and Planning and staff from Glasgow Caledonian University; and a young lad working in the kitchen commented the other day that he is learning far more at Findhorn than he did at university. There’s nothing like experiential education!

You may be interested to hear that the New Findhorn Association, the body which gives cohesion to the huge variety of people, charities and organisations that make up the Findhorn Foundation Community, is holding an evening called Co-Creation Today in early June. This will explore how we, as a community, ensure the continuation of the work of co-creation with nature begun by our founders.

Whether you are escaping winter in the southern hemisphere or wanting to savour the long summery days here in the far north, Findhorn has much to offer in the coming months. All our programmes are based on the empowering knowledge that our everyday actions can have a positive effect on the world situation.

updates2010/05-26Satish Kumar (you may recently have seen Satish on the BBC series Earth Pilgrim) and Daniel Wahl will take you on a five day Journey through Inner and Outer Landscapes, 28 June – 2 July. In dialogues with Satish, in times of quiet reflection and through participation in community life, this programme will offer an opportunity to slow down, deepen and revitalise what has heart and meaning. Click here to watch a video of Satish talking about the important link between inner and outer ecology.

There is an opportunity to learn practical ways to work with plants as food, medicine and skincare products in Herbal Allies: Food and Medicine from our own backyards, 17 – 23 July. You can look forward to plant walks, garden work, food preparation and the hands-on making of tinctures, salves, syrups, lotions, bath salts and infusions to take home as well as an exploration of different gardening practices.

If you are interested in redesigning the world’s money system I encourage you to participate in On The Money – Design Tools for Creating Community Currencies, A Vision Quest to the Heart of Local Money, 14 – 18 August. With John Rogers and Jonathan Dawson, updates2010/05-26and featuring eminent guest speakers Richard Douthwaite, Margrit Kennedy and Bernard Lietaer by teleconference, you can learn to design more resilient community currency systems that will stand the test of time.

Sensing the Sacred, 4 – 8 September, offers an experience of Native American spirituality and medicine. Lench Archuleta is a Yaqui Indian and traditional native healer from Southern Arizona who collaborates with medical doctors, health practitioners, therapists and other traditional healers. Come with a readiness to let go of conventional rules and ways of thinking.

October has two inspiring programmes back-to-back this year. The first is Gaia Education Design For Sustainability – Training of Trainers, 2 – 29 October, now in its fifth year. This advanced training is based on the Ecovillage Design Curriculum which includes the social, ecological, economic and world-view aspects of sustainability and incorporates Transition Town Training. Taught in 22 countries, it draws on the experience and expertise developed in some of the most successful ecovillages, community projects and transition initiatives, and provides a practical forum for learning and developing skills needed to work effectively with design for sustainability at all levels.

It is followed by Bioneers at Findhorn, Revolution from the Heart of Nature, 30 October – 2 November. Focusing on effective, constructive and positive responses to our need to support sustainable and resilient lifestyles, this programme is on the European Commission Trainings Database and Grundtvig funding for visits and exchanges may still be available in some EU countries.

There is a discount for those attending both Gaia Education Design and Bioneers.

I send love, blessings and thanks for your support from all of us at The Park and Cluny, and also on Erraid and Iona. It is good to have this time to breathe together and hear each other’s heartbeat.

In service, and with love and laughter,
Yvonne Cuneo (just married!)
For the Communications team
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21 May 2010