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Hello everyone,

After being in the kitchen this morning with lovely people from Korea, America, Scotland and the Netherlands, I am touched again by how Experience Week continues to support global change and the creation of a global family. It is a huge privilege to connect with all of you online and feel reverberations of love and connection through this huge Findhorn web. I drift into imaginings of you reading this – flowers in bloomis the weather hot or cold, are you feeling connected or lonely, are you overwhelmed by world events or personal crises, or calmly knowing ‘all is very, very well’? And what is the ongoing effect of your time at Findhorn? – it would be wonderful to know and to collect these, especially as the community’s 50th birthday is not so far away in 2012.

I felt an expansion of our global web with the first ever Mandarin Experience Week at the end of February. The nine Taiwanese and one Chinese continued the bridging of east and west and although host and visitor worked with a large cultural gap, there was a common thread of humankind living in harmony with the rest of the natural world.

We also know that not everyone can come to Scotland, so our Outreach Education department is happy to respond to invitations from anywhere in the world to give experiences of Findhorn and its spiritual principles. This depends on someone in the host country being willing to organise and ensure the financial sustainability of the event. .

Much hard work has gone into creating an opportunity for young people 18-30 years old to be at the Findhorn Foundation as part of the European Voluntary Service programme from October 2010. Ecologia Youth Trust is the EVS Coordinating Organisation and the Findhorn Foundation is the Hosting Organisation. Possible projects will include reducing carbon emissions through food awareness in Cluny Gardens, planting fruit and nut trees for sustainability, reinvigorating the local bee population and replacing tractors with chickens. I hear that we have been overwhelmed with young people wanting to spend a year here and am so pleased that the Foundation is welcoming the next generation’s support and leadership in this way – keeping us young and more sustainable.

daffodilsYou may remember that in a recent email I wrote about The Turning Point: A Return to Community – a new film about creating resilient, low carbon communities featuring this wonderful community, as well as Rob Hopkins, Richard Heinberg, Joanna Macy and Dorothy Maclean. Since then the film has been steadily travelling the world, and had its US premiere in New York on 18 February. The film is a particularly useful resource for anyone involved in Transition or similar initiatives and, for those of you in North and South America, there is now an NTSC version of the DVD available at their website.

While the Antipodeans amongst you are no doubt glad that summer heat and humidity have eased into the more temperate joys of autumn, we have been see-sawing between colourful spring flower displays and some pretty wild wintry blizzards up into April. Happily, this did not affect the warmth and power generated by our recent Inspired Action conference which saw many new visitors and old friends at Findhorn. Read all about in our online conference reports.

I wanted to alert you well in advance to an exciting four day event: Bioneers for Europe at Findhorn, Revolution from the Heart of Nature, on October 30. It’s all alive. It’s all connected. It’s all intelligent. The Findhorn Foundation, in collaboration with Findhorn College, brings the Bioneers movement, an emerging culture of social and scientific innovators from North America, to Europe. We celebrate this first opportunity to work together, hosting a gathering focusing on effective, constructive and positive responses to our need to support sustainable and resilient lifestyles – for all the peoples of our planet. Find out more at

We have just learned that we have secured Grundtvig Lifelong Learning European Commission funding for this event! This means that if you live anywhere in Europe (not in the UK, I’m afraid) you can apply to your Grundtvig national agency in your country for funding to attend the Bioneers Conference at Findhorn. Grants cover the cost of the conference and accommodation, and in some cases even the travel. In some countries the deadline for application is 30 April so it is essential to move fast if you want to take advantage of this funded opportunity to come to the planting a treeBioneers Conference at Findhorn. For information on how to take advantage of this opportunity with Bioneers Conf/Grundvig Funding in the subject line.

This first Bioneers conference for Europe promises to be an exciting launch for what we anticipate will be a regular inspirational and networking event. You can find out more about the innovative Bioneers movement

I wholeheartedly recommend our Spring Bank Holiday event: A Weekend Inquiry with Gangaji, Saturday May 29 for three days. Her book, The Diamond in Your Pocket, remains one of my all time favourites and being in her presence affirms the truth that the core of your/our being is silent awareness. There is also the opportunity to stay on for a few days afterwards to digest and reflect with other participants.

I’m happy to announce our first ever Music Experience Week, Saturday June 5 with music and song woven through the whole week, honouring the richness of different spiritual traditions. We have also been building an amazing Singing Chamber in the woods next to Universal Hall and work continues on that the following week, June 12, with more singing delights. If you book both weeks there is a reduction of £115 on the total combined price of the two weeks.

June is indeed a rich month with Authentic Living, June 19 – a powerful intensive week if you want to know yourself, be an authentic presence and have integrity in relationship. This week requires previous participation in Experience Week.

Also very powerful is Sacred Play – Spiritual Tools of the Incas, June 26. The simple yet sophisticated Inca teachings can develop our deepest potential and this week we’ll focus on how to attain the fourth level of the seven levels of consciousness which is beyond polarity and fear.

Wishing you a glorious, golden autumn or an abundant spring, and sending strong heart connections to you all.

With love and laughter,
Yvonne Cuneo
For the Communications team
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13 April 2010