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Let your love shine on through your legacy

It is a great pleasure to announce the formation of the Findhorn Foundation Legacy Circle. By including the Findhorn Foundation in your Will you automatically become a member of this Circle, the purpose of which is threefold:

  • To create a circle of love and connection between the Findhorn Foundation and those who have put the Foundation in their Will.
  • To support the transformative work of the Findhorn Foundation for generations to come, contributing to its long-term financial sustainability.
  • To create a bond of trust for those putting the Findhorn Foundation in their Will: to ensure that their wishes and intentions are understood and complied with; to explore ways for gifts to be honoured and acknowledged.

If you have already put the Findhorn Foundation in your Will please let us know via our Legacy Circle contact form. We would love to include you in this Circle and to honour your love and support for the Foundation. It may be that you would like your Legacy to be used in a specific way and we want to ensure that your wishes and intentions are understood and followed. If you would prefer to discuss matters personally, please reach out to Simon Stedman (via the form), our Legacy Programme Manager.

Why make a Will?

By making a Will you ensure that your values and intentions live on after your death. A Will enables you to demonstrate your love and care to your family and loved ones and to causes that are important to you.

Why include the Findhorn Foundation in your Will?

If you are reading this, it is probable that the Findhorn Foundation had a significant impact on your life, as it has for tens of thousands of people. Your experience was made possible by the legacy of the Founders, Peter, Eileen and Dorothy and the amazing spiritual and financial legacies of so many others who have been part of this ‘one incredible family’.

We live in ‘exciting’ times, where the transformative message of the Findhorn Foundation is needed more than ever. By including the Findhorn Foundation in your Will you will ensure that future generations will have the same opportunity of spiritual emergence and transformation.

National Free Wills Network (only applies to those living in the UK)

In order to assist supporters who want to make a Will, the Findhorn Foundation has joined the National Free Wills Network, which enables supporters to have their wills written free of charge using the services of a firm of solicitors within reasonable travelling distance of your home. The offer applies to the writing of a ‘simple’ Will, or in other words a Will that does not deal with complex issues. Please fill in the Legacy Circle contact form if you would like to take this opportunity to make provision for your loved ones and ensure that your wishes and intentions live on after you have passed. Although there is no obligation to do so, we hope you would consider including the Findhorn Foundation in your Will to support our work for generations to come.

FreeWill (only applies to those living in the US)

For those who live in the US there is a free online service at www.freewill.com which can help you in writing a Will. If you use this service it is recommended that you still consult with an attorney.

I would love to hear from you. Please use the contact form if you have any suggestions, questions or just want to say hello. It will be a great pleasure to connect with you.

Thank you

Simon Stedman, Legacy Programme Manager

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