Let the warmth of your love shine on through a gift in your will

In a world where there is increasing climate, economic, political and social chaos, the need for the Findhorn Foundation is greater than ever, a place to connect to Spirit, discover and develop that “still small voice within” and learn to co-create with the intelligence of Nature.

For 60 years, the Findhorn Foundation has been transformational in the lives of tens of thousands of people, made possible through the inspirational spiritual and financial legacies of many who have been part of this “one incredible family”.

Perhaps the Foundation has had a significant impact on your life too?

A gift in your will is an expression of your care and loving kindness, helping to ensure that future generations will have the same transformational opportunity. You can be a part of the solution to the chaos and confusion in the world.

By making a gift in your Will to the Findhorn Foundation, no matter how big or small, you will become a member of the Findhorn Foundation Legacy Circle, a group of caring, warm-hearted and likeminded agents of transformation.

If you would like more information about making a gift in your Will to the Findhorn Foundation please reach out to Simon Stedman, our Legacy Program Manager either by clicking this link or by calling +44 7803 138194.

I’ve already remembered the Foundation in my Will

If you have already put the Findhorn Foundation in your Will the love and kindness you have shown through the gift in your will is deeply valued and appreciated, and we would like to honour and acknowledge you. Please let us know..

I’ve already made a Will and don’t want to change it

You can make simple amendments to a Will through what is called a codicil, an instruction that you attach to your Will, rather than having the expense of redrafting it.

Why make a Will?

It is common to feel a resistance to think about death, but making a Will gives you peace of mind and ensures that your values and intentions live on after your passing. A Will enables you to demonstrate your love and care to your family, your loved ones and to causes that are important to you. If you die without a Will, your estate is distributed according to Intestacy Rules which may go against your wishes. In the UK, if you die without a Will and have no spouse, children or living relatives your estate is given to the Crown.

Why include the Findhorn Foundation in your Will?

  • You will play a valuable part in supporting areas of the Findhorn Foundation that you care about, benefiting the Foundation and all those that are associated with it for decades to follow.
  • You will contribute towards the enhancement of the Foundation’s long term future and that of society as a whole through its influence.
  • As a charity, the Findhorn Foundation pays no tax on gifts it receives.
  • A legacy may have taxation benefits for your estate by reducing the amount of inheritance tax your estate may need to pay.
  • You may find that you are able to contemplate making a larger gift than would otherwise be possible during your lifetime.
  • Your generosity will be recognised through membership of Findhorn Foundation Legacy Circle
  • Making a deferred gift means that you have the use of your assets during your lifetime.

Legal Information about The Findhorn Foundation

If you are thinking of making a gift to the Foundation in your Will, thank you! Your love and support are truly appreciated. You will need to include the following information in your Will or Codicil:

Name and address:

The Findhorn Foundation 

The Park, 



Morayshire IV36 3TZ

Charitable status

The Findhorn Foundation is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation, recognised by HM Inland Revenue as a charity and therefore pays no tax on gifts received. The registration number of the charity is SCO 51938 and should be quoted.

Free Will writing services…

…In the UK

In order to assist supporters wanting to make a Will, the Findhorn Foundation has joined the National Free Wills Network, which enables supporters living in the UK to have their wills written free of charge using the services of a firm of solicitors within reasonable travelling distance of your home. The offer applies to the writing of a “simple” Will, or in other words a Will that does not deal with complex issues. Please get in touch if you would like to take this opportunity to make provision for your loved ones. Although there is no obligation to do so, we hope you would consider including the Findhorn Foundation in your Will.

…In the US

If you live in the US, Freewill (www.freewill.com) offers a free online will writing service. We recommend that you still consult with an attorney if you use this service.

Who will know I’ve left a gift in my Will?

If you give permission and only if you give permission, new members of the Findhorn Foundation Legacy Circle are thanked in the donor newsletter.

I would love to hear from you. Please use the contact form here (if you can’t open the GoogleForm, please email me directly) if you have any suggestions, questions or just want to say hello. It will be a great pleasure to connect with you.

Thank you

Simon Stedman, Legacy Programme Manager

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