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The future is what is fresh, new, electric, inspired … today.

The future is not tomorrow.  It arrives in presence.

In this free Masterclass on Leading from the Future, Robin offers some practices to support your exploration of the different ways we approach the future, unlocking an inner space of true innovation.

We experience the future in different ways…

We use our imagination

Sometimes we think about the future based on everything we already know about the past, which I call our ‘imagination’, where we are really experiencing a recasting of the past.

We intuit the future

Using our more subtle faculties,  our intuition sources what is already in the Field, already known, but something we are often not aware of, because our minds are busy, distracted or too rational.

We experience inspiration

We can find inspiration by cultivating the inner conditions and outer practices to allow real genius moments, ‘aha’ moments, radical innovation to land in us. Something wholly new, never thought of before.

leading from the future - sunset over the sea

During this Masterclass we will explore the differences between these three ways of orienting ourselves toward the future. I will also introduce you to one or two practices you can take way and to enjoy.

The free Masterclass will be of value in its own right and will also give you a taste of a longer 4-month programme Leading from the Future, which starts on February 14th 2023.

Join Robin on Monday 6th February

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Robin Alfred holding a microphone and leading a workshop

Robin Alfred

Robin Alfred, BA, M Phil is a trainer, executive coach, facilitator, mediator and organisational consultant. Since 1995 he has lived in the Findhorn Foundation ecovillage in Scotland where he has Chaired both the Foundation’s Management Committee and the Board of Trustees.

Robin has extensive experience of leading and developing groups and individuals in a variety of settings including prisons, social work, police forces, communities, NGOs, multinationals and other corporations. He also served for many years as a Senior Programme Director for Olivier Mythodrama for whom he delivered a wide range of leadership trainings, based on Shakespearean plays and stories and archetypal psychology.

Robin is a senior student of contemporary mystic, Thomas Hubl, with whom he has co-hosted three major online summits on collective trauma and supported many international trainings in applied mysticism. Lastly, Robin is a lover of silence, poetry, the natural world and all things sustainable.

Simply one of the best facilitators I have worked with. Intuitive to the needs of the group and individuals. Flexible yet strong. Knowledgeable about processes. A kind and positive energy.

— Oliver Vanheel, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer


“A lifetime of obsessive success-seeking had delivered on almost all of its promises, all bar one – inner joy. So I gave myself this course to give this elusive concept one last chance.

Put simply; it worked…

The wonderful mapmaker, Robin Alfred, will describe the terrain wisely and offer numerous exciting routes… So prepare yourself for the surprise arrival of your own unique blend of creativity.”

— Pauline Bickerton, Entrepreneur, participant on the Leading from the Future course

A crystal ball being held in front of a sunset over the sea
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