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Joy Drake: a soul-infused journey

Words by Joy Drake

‘Poems of exquisite beauty came through … I simply stopped arguing.’ Joy Drake shares the soul journey that led to the Transformation Game® and her new online course, Soul Infusions.

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Joy Drake didn’t choose to create the Transformation Game®, which is now part of the fabric of the Findhorn Community – but as you’ll see, it wouldn’t let her go.

That same inspiration led to her book, Soul Infusions, (published by Lorian Press), and her new online course of the same name, which helps you weave your soul’s light into the fabric of every day (starting 24 November). Here’s Joy’s story:

Joy Drake

I have always had doubts about my capabilities. I feel I am simply an ordinary person with no special talents. So when fragments of Divine inspiration began percolating into my consciousness, I couldn’t believe it.

I had many, many conversations with God, basically saying, ‘You’ve made a mistake, I’m not the one, you’ve chosen the wrong person. If you want someone who knows about sacred geometry and has deep spiritual understandings, why don’t you pick someone smart and sensitive who understands such things?

That person can simply tune in, receive information from you, then follow through. Won’t that be much quicker and easier?’

However after two years, when no such person appeared, and the muses were still knocking insistently on my door, I said ‘Yes’ and gave my creativity free rein – and out of the box it dashed!

I experienced a deluge of ideas. Raw ingredients and designs danced into my awareness and began sprouting. It was exciting, uplifting, wild and exhilarating. It totally captivated my attention.

Poems of exquisite beauty came through. They washed over me and I let myself be rinsed in the Grace. I didn’t know what I was pioneering. I simply thought this was a fun hobby and the norm for everyone in the Findhorn spiritual community. I ate, slept and dreamed about it.

My soul flowered. It also catalysed my personal change process and I tumbled, stumbled and fumbled forward in an ever-changing landscape and began to share my vision. Little did I know that the amazing gift of the Game would be my passion and my life’s work. I simply stopped arguing.

Coming to Findhorn

I first came to Findhorn in 1971 for a short holiday with my boyfriend. I don’t know if it was the Findhorn Angel, God or my Soul that pulled us here, but we came directly to Findhorn. I knew within days I had found my spiritual home, and I don’t think I have ever left.

The first time I consciously came into contact with spirituality was in the 1960s. I was intrigued by the phrase, ‘Soul-Infused Personality’ that appeared in a series of works by Alice Bailey. This statement touched me. I was eager to know what a soul-filled personality looked like.

How do we know whether our personality is soul-infused? On reflection I realise that these musings were the starting point of my journey of transformation. They were a silent prayer to which my inner being responded by saying, ‘Okay, I will teach you, so you can help other people to learn this as well’.

This question, what is soul infusion, along with my desire to be of service, turned out to be the prayer thread that has run through my life.

Joy Drake holding her book Soul Infusions

Soul Infusions

Soul Infusions: Weaving Our Soul’s Light Into The Fabric Of Every Day was published in 2015, and the new online course largely flows from that. [Course participants receive a free electronic copy of the book.]

The process of the book was like the Transformation Game, which took a decade of personal growth before it manifested. The same is true for the upcoming Soul Infusions online course.

It’s an evolving, flowing, energy field that’s inviting new beginnings and encouraging change … and my personal transformation process is continuing to be used as a public offering, moving me beyond my comfort zone once again. It’s taking me into a world that is at once both mystifying and familiar, helping me trust that despite any bumblings on my part the course will be great!

Perhaps Soul Infusions online is arriving at this time not only to stretch, transform and heal, but also to help us experience that we don’t have to do it alone.

The bonus of community takes us further and makes the journey lighter and more fun. Our combined presence and resonance can hold us fast and firm during any stormy weather, and assist each of us in moving with deep inner connectedness and support, replenishing our reserves, and discovering ways to live more fully, authentically and enjoyably as ourselves.

Book now for Soul Infusions online, a series of four weekly classes that tap into the experience of opening to spirit and alignment with your purpose. Course participants also receive a free electronic copy of Joy’s book.
Starts Thursday 24 November, 5pm to 6.30pm UK time.

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