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Use the power of mindfulness to bring peace and resilience into your life

Navigating the complexities of today’s world requires more than just feeling good on retreat, or using a daily mindfulness app. We have to learn how to embody mindfulness while thinking about our planet’s future or navigating the pressures of daily life. We will help you apply the power of awareness to your life, and to cultivate a supportive container for personal resilience.

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Bring mindfulness to all areas of your life

  1. Strengthen your mindfulness or meditation practice to experience more calm and clarity
  2. Create supportive structures that help you stay balanced, protect your happiness and support your year-round growth.
  3. Apply the power of awareness to:
    • Develop a supportive environment, and healthy consciously-chosen structures and routines in your daily life;
    • Cultivate more meaningful conversations and connections in your relationships and community.
    • Bring awareness and transformative change to big areas of your life that may be draining energy – concerns about your future, money, time management, food and health.
  4. Integrate and weave mindfulness into your all aspects of your daily work and life

A supportive structure

Using our five principles of creating a supportive container for mindfulness and growth, this course teaches you how to apply mindfulness across all areas of your life, and to create an environment that supports you physically, mentally and emotionally. The course includes meditations, exercises and community check-ins.

  • Week 1: Creating a supportive space for your growth;
  • Week 2: Transforming habit and making friends with structure;
  • Week 3: Quieting the monkey mind and creating generative conversations;
  • Week 4: Cleaning up big areas of your life frees up energy;
  • Week 5: The power of mindfulness for real and lasting change;
  • Week 6: Community and transforming our relationships with others.

*Replays will be made available for all sessions if you miss a week*

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I think this course is a beautiful, utterly grounded and relevant way of making the spiritual life very real and integrated with how we are living every day of our lives. It lays an important foundation for a meditation practice that can actually go somewhere and lead to a well-rounded and truly fulfilling life.

— Ruth – Embodied in Motion

Three interwoven approaches

This course supports you to:

  • cultivate your mindfulness practice
  • craft a supportive environment
  • powerfully integrate mindfulness into all aspects of our life and work.

A daily mindfulness practice is an essential support for calm, clarity and resilience.

Flourishing in our distracted and difficult world relies on bringing awareness to the people and things that nourish us, letting go of what doesn’t, and creating a container to protect our happiness and life-energy. The course will teach you how to create a supportive container for your mindfulness practice and year-round growth.

Lastly the course will help you integrate mindfulness into your daily life – to transform your environment; your habits and use of time; how you listen and speak; areas of life where you may be stuck such as money, health, food, or life vision; and how you relate to others and build community.

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Starts Saturday 18 March
Weekly Zoom sessions from 5 – 7pm UK time
6-week course – with a break on 8 April, which is the Easter weekend.

One-time payment of £195.00

If you’d love to join us but find the rate a financial strain, please apply for financial assistance through our Education Support Fund

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Karen McAllister

Karen McAllister

I’m passionate about teaching often ignored principles like honouring your space, healthy structures, and communication, which create the conditions we need to wake up more in daily life. I see how I learned and embodied these principles in my different roles as Clear Sky’s founding member, Chair of the Board and a solopreneur founder of The Mindful Money Coach which helps organizations with the sensitive, critical task of untangling money issues so that their organizations can thrive, accessing all the financial opportunities available to them. My 25+ years of personal practice, 15+ teaching meditation and mindfulness & living in a conscious community at Clear Sky all year around have taught me how to integrate mindfulness in everyday life.


As my mentor says…

“We recognize that the health of a human community depends on the health of the ecosystem. Awakening is the essence of sustainability.”

– Catherine Pawasarat Sensei

Duncan Cryle

Duncan Cryle

I’m amazed at the power of a beautiful, natural and dedicated space for supporting people to deepen their meditation and feel more connected.  I was formerly one of the pioneers of IBM’s mindfulness movement and 30+ years of personal practice and 15+ teaching meditation and mindfulness have taught me how to integrate mindfulness into daily life.  I’m passionate about how mindfulness-based approaches can transform how we live and work together, and be of better service in the world.

“Excellent meditation guidance that definitely advanced my practice.”

– Jonathan

“It’s really, really brought me back home to myself. I found myself in the past very scattered and would put off all the important things, the spiritual aspects of life, the mindfulness and so on, just to blast through my day and get things done, but now I am really taking pause. I still don’t get everything done, but I don’t get everything done in a much more calm and soulful way.”

– Emmanuel, ActionAid Brasil

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