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Findhorn Angel of the Month - December 2022

Angel of Contentment - Innerlinks Angel® Cards © Tyler & Drake


Savour what is in your life now.

The creative process is never finished. Let go of striving and rest in satisfaction and joyous fulfilment.

Be at peace with what is; give yourself permission to gently reside in the present. Recycling the past is not ‘ego-logical’ and worrying about the future is a distraction – both cause the state of contentment to elude us.

Calming our interior prepares us for the emergence of what is new and gives us a container to receive grace when it is offered. How we hold the content of our lives determines the quality of content-ment we feel.

Letting go of predetermined decisions and conclusions instantly shifts our attention. It is like a quick turn of our head to look in a different direction and we come alive for a moment. (Try it.) Something in us awakens and gives us a glimpse of reality beyond our experience and conditioned responses – even if just for a moment.

There is something emerging within humanity that may not have occurred before. With no clear path or map outlining how this step toward a global consciousness happens. Cultivating contentment allows a quiet certainty to develop. Savour the moment, there is nothing more fulfilling.

We hope the Angels continue to inspire your life.
May you have many moments this month to savour.


Kathy Tyler

P.S. If you worked with the Angel of Acceptance during November, take a few moments to release it with your gratitude before welcoming the Angel of Contentment into your life for the month of December.

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