Findhorn Angel of the Month - April 2024

Angel of Harmony - Innerlinks Angel® Cards © Tyler & Drake


Listen to the highest rhythm of all the elements and bring them into concert with your essential nature. Conduct your life accordingly.

Harmony is the relationship of different pitches that compliment each other. There are many voices, both within us and around us, and at times they sound in apparent discord with one another. If each one of us is an instrument in the universal orchestral expression of humankind – what instrument are you and what is the note you are contributing to the whole?  There is a place, deep in us, that occurs just before choice appears. It holds the unformed possibilities that await existence and direction from our conscious and subconscious  creating selves. Attune (bring into harmonization) to this place and the highest path will open before you. In doing so, you bring yourself, those you relate to, and your environment into synchronization and entrainment with each other. Entrainment is a natural and powerful phenomenon that causes the lesser vibration to come into resonance with the stronger vibration.  When you are in the presence of a person who is expressing joy, the energy field of their joy brings your own joy to the surface, so you entrain together. This is true of other manifestations of this principle, in both positive and negative ways.   This is where you come in. Your choice to be an instrument of the highest rhythm and expression can uplift and harmonize. You can actively change the vibrations (frequency or rhythm) of patterns within you and others by strengthening your intention and giving yourself the correct instructions that remind you of your essential nature.

We hope the Angels continue to inspire your life. May your heart and mind be in harmony and the path before you clear.

Kathy Tyler

Email: [email protected]

P.S. If you worked with the Angel of Grace in March, take a few moments to release it with your gratitude before welcoming the Angel of Harmony into your life for the month of April.

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