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Your gift to the INNER CLIMATE CHANGE documentary

The Findhorn Foundation’s INNER CLIMATE CHANGE initiative is a labour of love in service to humanity’s response to the climate emergency. It is made possible through generous gifting from you, our global family of change makers who resonate with its message. The making of the film would not have been possible without the film teams and interviewees who gifted their skills, talents and passion during the CCC19 conference.

We chose not to create a payment wall between the world and the ICC documentary. This felt integral to the way the film came into being. This does not mean it is free. As an organisation we are committed to walking our talk and trusting that abundance is our nature; as we give so we receive.

For some of us, the freedom to gift comes with just a bit of anxiety: what if I give too little, or too much? If this is you it may help to know that for other similar film products we ask £9.99. You may also appreciate knowing that the film production cost £20,000, plus many volunteer hours. Whatever amount you feel is right, please trust your intuition. This, in itself, is you activating inner climate change and that’s what we’re here to promote.

We intend to continue the INNER CLIMATE CHANGE movement beyond the premiere. Our vision is to bring the message of INNER CLIMATE CHANGE all the way into the mainstream awareness. We intend to collaborate with public institutions (schools, colleges, universities) and to offer workshop formats to explore and navigate the intense feelings of grief and rage, etc which come up in the face of the climate emergency and transmute them into constructive, purposeful and joyful action.

With love, gratitude and blessings of abundance to you,
Findhorn Foundation