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Inner Climate Change – Global online release

Join the global online release of the documentary Inner Climate Change
April 24th 2020
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About Inner Climate Change

How do we navigate the intensity of emotions and reactions stirred up by climate change, or COVID-19 for that matter?

How do we come to a place of peace, compassion, forgiveness and life-affirming action?

Both leading edge science and ancient wisdom traditions point us inwards for the answer.

For almost 60 years the Findhorn Foundation aspires to live from the heart and raise awareness of how the inner world creates the outer world.

In this documentary you will go with us on a journey to see how our inner climate relates to the topic of climate change. And how changing from within will create the change we need.

The Inner Climate Change documentary focuses on the very personal experiences, insights and responses to the climate crisis, of people who participated in the Climate Change and Consciousness conference (CCC19) held in 2019 at the Findhorn Ecovillage in the northeast of Scotland. Conference participants included 350 youngers and elders of multiple ethnicities and diverse genders from 45 countries.

Featured in the documentary are notable experts, as well as deeply committed climate activists.

Join our ZOOM sharing circles (90min)

We invite you to join and participate in our post-film sharing to explore your inner response evoked by the film. Experience yourself in – and offer your listening to – a community of like-minded people all around the world.

These circles will be held in the traditional Findhorn sharing circle model where there is an opportunity to be seen and heard with compassion. They have the potential to lead to deeper loving, caring, and healing of oneself, others, and our relation to the planet.


  • 24th April 2020 7pm-8.30pm BST
  • 8pm CET / 2pm EDT / 11am PDT / 4am AET (25th)

  • 25th April 2020 10am-11.30am BST
  • 11am CET / 5am EDT / 2am PDT / 7pm AET

  • 25th April 2020 7pm-8.30pm BST
  • 8pm CET / 2pm EDT / 11am PDT / 4am AET (26th)

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About the filmmaker

The man behind the Inner Climate Change documentary is the independent filmmaker Lorenz Gramann (http://www.makingfilm.eu). This is Lorenz’s third feature-length documentary. His last one ‘A New Story for Humanity’ (link: Newstoryhub.com/watch) has been seen over 200 000 times.

Lorenz’s background includes a variety of healing and psychotherapy modalities. He brings the sensitivity garnered in these fields to his film making. Since 2014 he has offered his skills in the northeast of Scotland and currently lives in the Findhorn Foundation Community.

To combine his different talents Lorenz is currently working on a series of online courses to support individuals and groups in their inner climate change. Look for these offerings soon.