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Experience life in an international community dedicated to transforming human consciousness. Start your journey with us here…

Experience week
An introduction to the essence of the Findhorn Foundation.
The best way to experience this vibrant, international community is to immerse yourself in it. Experience Week addresses both the externals of sustainable living and the heart of sustainability – the inner life of human beings in their search for meaning and purpose.
During these seven days you become part of a multi-generational, intercultural group of fellow adventurers, getting to know yourself more deeply, learning about the community and each other. It is an opportunity to experience the values of this dynamic community, to take part in daily activities in a new way, to explore how you can become more mindful of the interconnectedness of life, and more empowered and sustainable in how you live.
In the supportive environment of the Findhorn community you may listen deeply to our own inner voice, beyond the purely rational, and let go of limitations, open to love and to being the change you want to see in the world. Experience Week is full of opportunities for fun, laughter, making new friends, experiencing the new, being still, self-reflection and personal development.
In a challenging world where old systems are breaking down and the new story is not yet written, you are invited to explore who you really are and where you want to go in a creative, supportive and welcoming environment. For many people, engaging with life consciously – bringing together mind, body and heart – is a transformative experience often leading to new spiritual insights.

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Being In Community
Being In Community (BIC) is a week that gives you time and space to expand and integrate your experience of the Findhorn Foundation, or reconnect with the community. Alternatives to this step include a Spiritual Retreat programme or a service week.
In BIC there is less emphasis on a group experience than in Experience Week, and you are more integrated into the life and daily rhythms of the community. The group size is generally smaller and the programme will run even for one person. You may opt for creating your week according to your need or to join the group for sharings, a group project, a nature outing or if there is interest, a taste of the Transformation Game®. Whatever you choose, you will participate in a service department as a continued expression and experience of our guiding principle of love in action. Evenings provide opportunities to join in with community activities and explore different aspects of living here, which may include spiritual and personal development, creative arts and sustainable living.

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Living in Community Guest Programme
The Living in Community as a Guest (LCG) programme invites you to explore living as part of the Findhorn Foundation for a month or more. It is a dynamic, creative and purposeful way to experience Service as Love in Action and the gifts that come through being part of a team and living in community. Sharing our lives in this vibrant environment opens the space for you to deepen your relationship with yourself, people and nature as well as your connection with Spirit.
The programme runs in four-week segments, starting most Saturdays. It begins with clarifying your individual purpose and ends with a personal review to support you in integrating your experiences and to explore your next steps. Using the process of attunement, you join the team of one of our service departments (gardens, kitchens, dining room, homecare or maintenance) where the experience of Love in Action helps increase awareness, joy and freedom, creating an ever more meaningful experience of life.

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Leap programmeCullerne cart
After at least three months of LCG, guests are eligible to apply for the Leap Programme which offers the opportunity to live, work and learn in the Findhorn Foundation for an extended period of time as part of a team. Living in a spiritual community, all day every day, is a life-changing immersion into new ways of seeing and being with yourself, with others and with the world.
If you are aiming to become a member of staff here at the Findhorn Foundation, this programme is an essential step on the journey. It is also for anyone who wants an opportunity to practise applying spiritual principles in everyday life, learning awareness and gaining skills to take with you wherever you go.
If accepted by the attunement process onto Leap, you join a service department team where you you take on increasing levels of responsibility while helping to provide the essentials of community for our weekly guests to visit and experience. You also engage in your own spiritual and personal development and participate in community meetings and gatherings. It’s a full-on experience! You would commit to participating fully in life here, including working some weekends. We will provide you with food, simple accommodation and a supportive learning environment, including weekly group meetings and mentoring.
The Leap program has three levels:

  • Short Term Leap – three month blocks.
  • Long Term Leap – six month staff intake training program with intensive education.
  • Senior Leap – in six month blocks for those who have completed Long Term Leap.

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