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Celebrate Christmas and New Year at the Findhorn Foundation

Come celebrate Christmas and New Year in community! You are welcome to celebrate with us. Have a look below at the ways you can be part of the Findhorn family this holiday season.

EW Req Please note that Experience Week is required before you can attend workshops with this sign.

Celebrate Christmas in community

Christmas retreat at The Park (FULL)

Christmas at the Findhorn FoundationDuring this darkest time of this year when everything in nature is still, we too can feel the need for a quiet space in which to reflect or perhaps just hibernate. We can at the same time feel a longing to be together with others. EW Req
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Christmas retreat on Iona (FULL)

Christmas at Iona with the Findhorn FoundationExperience Christmas on the holy island of Iona, celebrating the returning of the light. Iona is a sacred island on the west coast of Scotland known as a historic place of pilgrimage. There is still space in the New Year retreat on Iona. EW Req
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Start the New Year with reflection and transformation

Turning Within in Cluny

Dorothy MacleanThe long nights and the transition between years invite us to take time out, listen deeply within and look at where we stand in our lives, at what served well last year, what needs to be released and what, when opening to guidance and tapping into our own inner wisdom, wants to emerge.
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New Year retreat on Iona

New Year on IonaNew Year Retreat on Iona is an opportunity to deeply reflect as we step into the New Year, using the power of the Transformation Game and held within the peace of this beautiful island. EW Req
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New Year retreat on Erraid

New Year on ErraidWe invite you to join us in the beginning of the year meditation where we all will choose an angel to guide us for the new year. We will share a meal together on New Year’s Eve and hopefully count down near a bonfire if the weather permits us…
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Transformation Game for New Year (FULL)

Transformation GameAs you move along your ‘life path’, exploring your intention on seven levels, you gain wider perspectives on your particular patterns and attitudes, recognise your strengths, review and resolve challenges, and explore new possibilities.
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Celebrate New Year in community

Crossing the threshold

Celebrating New Year at the Findhorn FoundationThis week provides an opportunity to consciously step over the threshold into a new year. There will be a mix of community celebration through song, dance, creativity and ritual, while also allowing time for a journey of self-reflection, connecting with the stillness ever present at the heart of our being.
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