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Hannah Hardy: your image as art in nature

Words by Britta Schmitz

Artist Hannah Hardy creates beautiful portraits entirely made from what she finds in nature: sticks, leaves, petals, flowers, shells, seaweed…

Would you like your image turned into natural art?

In her Rewilding Portraits for Charity project, Hannah has kindly made the Findhorn Foundation one of the beneficiaries. Read more about her incredible process, and perhaps see a picture of your image out in nature!

Hannah Hardy sea spirit natural art
Hannah Hardy Britta nature art

You may have seen some of Hannah’s beautiful nature spirits appearing on our facebook and instagram pages. Her creations are entirely made from materials she finds out in nature – whatever crosses her path and calls her gets transformed into beautiful nature art.

After taking a photograph of her work, she leaves it out in the elements to naturally vanish again. She calls it ‘temporary sacred land art’.

Earlier this year she created a nature portrait of me, and my heart was bursting with happiness and joy when I saw it. Here’s what she wrote about the process of making it:

‘Awake as the dream – today through the snow and sunshine this rewilding nature portrait co-created through me. It was pure joy to connect with beautiful Britta, the pure strength of Love, Joy and Service! A peaceful yet abundant celebration!’

What a beautiful experience to be seen and appreciated like this. Thank you so much, dear Hannah, for connecting to me in this way and allowing my soul to be portrayed through your hands. (Did you notice the daffodils forming my eyes?)

Hannah Hardy

Hannah on her work:

Spontaneously out in nature, found items, leaves, flowers, shells come together as a divine co creation. Awareness revealing itself. I feel that life happens through us, as we release limiting beliefs and realise our inherent connection with and as all that is. Alignment, peace, compassion and joy effortlessly radiating through.

I enjoy that the works take form, express as awareness then are taken back by the winds of change, transient faces realised as the unchanging. The nature art series is called ‘Realising permanence through impermanence’. When all is removed what remains..?

Hannah Hardy hands giving natural art

Your image as art

Now everyone can have the wonderful opportunity of having a portrait created by Hannah! In an energy exchange, the invitation is to donate to a charitable organisation you would like to support – and one of the options is the Findhorn Foundation.

If you would like to share this unique experience and see your image reflected back through Hannah’s eyes, created through her hands in co-creation with nature and the unseen realms, please find more information about her Rewilding Portrait Project.

With lots of Love and Gratitude, Britta ❤

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