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Global Reach

Garden teamWe have a truly global reach and people visit us from all over the world. This is why we have workshops in different languages and we are planning to extend this in future.
More recently we have had a few groups visiting us from China and we see this as a start of a deep and lasting Findhorn-China connection.
Although we are based in the United Kingdom, many of our visits come from North America and visitors and members from United States and Canada have played a significant role in our growth and development. The same is also true of visitors from Ireland, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand.

Of course, Europe is widely represented in our visitors: With Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Turkey, Israel (both considered part of Europe) and Finland. We have also had visitors from Russia, Ukraine, and the Eastern parts of Europe such as Poland, Croatia, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Serbia, Lithuania, Estonia and the other parts of the former Soviet countries. The Russian visitors were sometimes part of exchange programmes and this evolved into becoming the Ecologia Trust which operates an orphanage in Russia.

Sometimes the workshops, or Experience Weeks, provided in other languages are offered by Foundation members who are native speakers of that language and other times either we, or the external organisers, provide translators. This is particularly true of visitors from Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China who are often accompanied by a translator. We have regular visitors from South Korea, but not so much as yet from; Philippines or Thailand. Of course, Singapore and to some extent Malaysia are also represented in our visitor numbers. We have had a noticebale number of visitors from India partly because we once had and exchange programme with the Auroville in Southern India.
South American countries have been well represented too, especially Brazil and to some extent Argentina.