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The success of the Findhorn Foundation is largely due to the support we receive from people all over the world like you, who believe in a common vision. One that recognises the uniqueness of the individual and our interconnectedness in serving the world. What you give makes a real difference.

We invite you to look at the ways to give and ensure our place on the planet as a centre of light. Use the links below to go to our donation form or join our Network of Friends and become a committed supporter.

Ways to Give

Join our Network of Friends

Making a regular gift is an investment in the work of the Findhorn Foundation. Your ongoing support, and that of Friends like you, allows us to sustain and improve the programmes and infrastructure that keep the heart of this exceptional community creative and flowing. Your participation allows the vision to grow and touch more lives, helping us be of better service to individuals and the world.

When you join the Network of Friends you become connected to our community, joining us in making a difference. You will receive our regular e-newsletter and the opportunity to connect, and engage with, other members via our Network of Friends group on Facebook.

To join the Network of Friends please use the link above on the right. Thank you.

Give to one of our projects (campaigns)

Cluny Hill

ClunyHillCluny Hill in Forres is one of the Findhorn Foundation’s two main sites. It is home for 35 community members and up to 90 residential guests taking part in a variety of workshops and events at Findhorn. The building is Victorian and was once a hotel that community founders Eileen and Peter Caddy and Dorothy Maclean successfully ran before the community at Findhorn was begun.

We are now in the second phase of renovations for Cluny Hill and your donation will see the following made possible:

  • Bathroom renovations throughout
  • Bedroom refurbishment for staff and guests
  • Upgrade of the roof and chimneys
  • Investment in ground source heating
  • Increase general energy efficiency

Please click on the give now button and select Cluny Hill from the options on the giving form.

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Universal Hall

UniversalHallThis inspirational building, built with the spirit of community and craftsmanship has served the Findhorn Foundation and local area for over 30 years as a sacred space for; community, celebration and performance.

Your donation to the Universal Hall will support these renovations:

  • New carpet for stairs and upper foyer
  • Refurbishment in the foyer
  • External wood treatment
  • Rainwater retention system
  • Gardening around the building
  • Suitable air conditioner in the auditorium
  • Upgrading toilets
  • Disabled access to downstairs
  • New and updated fire alarm system
  • Blind in the auditorium
  • Renovation of the roof lantern
  • Replacing current lighting with energy efficient alternatives
  • General upgrading of electrical system

Please click on the give now button and select Universal Hall from the options on the giving form.

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Traigh Bhan

TraighBhanNew windows for the Traigh Bhan porch

£2,000 goal met.
Thanks to generous donations received we now have what we need to complete this project.

If you have ever stayed at Traigh Bhan, Findhorn Foundation's retreat house on the magical Isle of Iona, chances are that you have a strong connection to the house, its lovely kitchen with the stove and its sanctuary. Many guests and co-workers found their time on Iona deeply nourishing and transformational.

As you know, one of the beautiful features of the house is the porch. The house is located very close to the coastline, so stunning and ever-changing views are one of the perks of the place. No television or YouTube needed!

At the moment we are gradually renewing the porch windows. They have been in for a long time and are getting damp on the inside, which spoils the view quite a bit. We're also replacing parts of the window frames where water has crept in; a house that close to the sea needs constant attention! We're doing the work ourselves, pouring all our love and dedication. We want it to be beautiful.

Young Persons Initiative

FCSMay2012LeapingHelping young people see themselves and the world in a new way is an important part of our work. Our Young Persons Initiative has enabled young people, who do not have the means, to experience Foundation programmes, including Experience Week.

If you would like to contribute to a young person receiving a bursary to attend one of our programmes, please click on the give now button and select the young person’s bursary fund from the options on the giving form.

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I wanted to make a regular contribution to the Findhorn Foundation in acknowledgement of all I have received over the years. Thank you for the service you give to the world.

Liza H, donor

Other ways you can support us

Support as you shop

GiveAsYouLivelogoThrough your purchasing choices you can help us create a better world. Sign up to Give as you Live and a portion of what you spend will be automatically donated to the Findhorn Foundation. Shopping through Give as You Live is no different from shopping online normally, it’s just as secure and it won’t cost you a penny more, and it works by commission.

When you sign up and visit an online store, your device will prompt you to ‘turn on’ Give as You Live. Any purchase you make will result in a donation to the Findhorn Foundation at no extra cost to you.

Legacy, leave a gift in your Will

You can help nurture our work in the world by remembering the Findhorn Foundation in your Will. Your legacy will be a gift for a positive and sustainable future. Every gift, large or small, makes a real difference to future generations. Please consult with your solicitor, or for more information see here.

Company donations… Payroll giving… Make a gift ‘in kind’

If you would like to discuss any of these or other options with us, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

For any enquiries regarding any of the above you are welcome to call us on
+44 (0)1309 690808 or email