Welcome to the Findhorn Foundation’s Network of Friends

The Findhorn Foundation and community has been a place of personal and planetary transformation for over 50 years, built upon the principles of love and trust. Throughout those years, the growth of this community has been a journey of miracles, with many of our needs being met by unexpected gifts from a wide circle of friends with a deep love for this place and the transformative experience that it provides.

We give our deepest gratitude for the blessing of that kindness, as those gifts have funded and continue to fund the essentials that sustain the community itself, its structures and services. Without that vital contribution this community might not have continued to thrive and grow.

We now invite you to deepen your personal connection to the Findhorn Foundation by joining our Network of Friends. As part of the Network of Friends you will be contributing to the powerful and transformative work of the Findhorn Foundation, as we continue to open hearts and minds, transform lives and seek new ways of living for a positive and sustainable future.

Becoming part of our Network of Friends is another way you can remain connected to the Foundation and co-create with us.

I wanted to make a regular contribution to the Findhorn Foundation in acknowledgement of all I have received over the years. Thank you for the service you give to the world.

Liza H, donor

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