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Findhorn Features in Psychologies Magazine

November 30, 2017 By Thomas Miller
Psychologies Magazine

The December edition of Psychologies magazine features an inspiring article titled  ‘Heart & Soul’  written by journalist Victoria Manthorpe. Victoria attended an Experience Week at Findhorn and wrote about her tranformational experience. Reading Findhorn Fellow William Bloom’s book  The Power of Modern Spirituality and attending a course developed by William at the Mangreen Centre near Norwich also contributed to her favorable impression.

William Bloom for a long time a Findhorn resident, continues to be a cherished friend of the Foundation and its wider community. As well as authoring best-selling books on spirituality, psychology and wellness, he developed the UK’s first health and spirituality course on the Ofqual register, the Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness, and offers it through the Findhorn College.

Regarding the article in Psychologies magazine, (the article only appears in the paper version) he wrote “Over the decades many journalists and researchers have come to the Findhorn Foundation intending to write an exposé or sarcastic article. Instead they have been surprised and changed their hearts and minds. The atmosphere, the values and the quality of community members, have transformed sceptics into enthusiastic allies.”

Foundation PR woman Janet Limb wrote that she was “delighted that Victoria had such a positive experience and felt moved to write about this.” She further noted that the Foundation welcomes “hundreds of guests each year from across the globe for our Experience Week programme.”

The programme was originally created to give visitors a taste of the life and purpose of the Foundation’s radical experiment in living a spirit-infused life and  has been running for decades. Many guests feed back that the week is a profound turning point in their lives and instigates profound changes.

Victoria is not the first journalist to feature Findhorn in a publication. Geoff Dalglish, a former motorsports journalist, also experienced profound transformation in Findhorn and is now dedicating his professional talent and private time to earth pilgrimages. Adelle Horler, another well-established journalist, also wrote an article on this centre for Fairlady magazine after a memorable Experience Week and spiritual retreat on the Foundation’s retreat centre on the sacred isle of Iona.


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