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Angels, Devas and Nature Spirits

October 26, 2017 By David Spangler
Angels, devas, nature spirits

This is an excerpt from David Spangler’s book Subtle Worlds and appears here with the permission of Lorian Press, LLC. It is a taste of the excellent original research into our planet’s subtle realms, including angels, devas and nature spirits, that our friends in the Lorian Association have developed. If you are interested in exploring how to connect and cooperate with the subtle worlds in greater depth, come to our 2018 conference Co-Creative Spirituality: Shaping Our Future with the Unseen Worlds.



Angel is a term popularly used to refer to a wide variety of beings, from dead humans now residing in the afterlife to God’s messengers, heralds and helpers in sustaining the universe. For me, an angel is part of a class of beings whose function is to foster, nurture and protect life and consciousness within the world. They are the gardeners of the interior life within all things. They assist us in remembering our oneness with the Sacred. They empower and nourish the evolution of spirit. Wherever consciousness is, there are angels. 

There are many species of angels, including those who work exclusively with humanity. Among these are angels of nations, angels who overlight cities and towns, and angels who overlight organizations. For example, I have on occasion met angels that overlight corporations. Wherever human being congregate and gather, joining their consciousnesses together in some common enterprise and thereby creating an opportunity for collective growth, angels will be present to foster that opportunity.

Wherever consciousness is, there are angels.

In addition there are angels who assist activities, such as angels of healing, angels of protection, angels of sound and colour, and angels who overlight artistic endeavours. The latter are the beings known in classical times as the “muses”.


Closely related to angels are devas. Indeed they may well be part of the same overall class of being but in this case focusing upon the non-human side of evolution and in particular upon the structural and formative energies and activities that help form the planet and which manifest as the laws of nature.

The devas and angels I have encountered are very similar in appearance; deva, after all simply means “shining one” in Sanskrit, and this description could very easily apply to angels. They may be the same being, but with the “deva” being the non-human aspect and the “angel” being the side of their nature that engages with humanity. One being may fulfill a variety of functions.

However, on the whole, I feel a different energy signature or vibration from devas than I do from angels. The devas seem to me particularly aligned with the flow and circulation of life and vital energies, as well as being the architects and artisans of form. They are custodians and overseers of natural energies and forces, such as electricity. When I associate angels with cities, for instance, I associate devas with mountains and forests, rivers and streams, continents and oceans.

devas seem to me particularly aligned with the flow and circulation of life and vital energies, as well as being the architects and artisans of form.

They are the overlords of the wild places, whereas as angels engage with civilization. That may, indeed, be their primary difference; that alone could account for the difference in feel and energy that I experience between them.

Nature Spirits

The comparison is often made that devas are the architects of nature while the nature spirits are the field workers and construction hands. It’s an apt comparison, though perhaps a bit too human in its implications. The nature spirits are the transformers of life, taking the raw, intense subtle energies coming from the higher-order worlds and stepping them down into forms that can be appropriated and used by the subtle bodies of physical entities, mainly plants but animals as well. There are even “nature spirits” that attend to human beings, though we often call them “guardian angels”.

Nature spirit is really an umbrella term, a bit like saying animal or plant. It simply denotes a being that works with the spiritual and energetic side of nature. However, just as there are billions of different species of plants and animals on earth, so there are at least as many different kinds of “nature spirits.” In some ways, it’s a meaningless phrase because it’s so broad and all-encompassing.

In a manner of speaking, these kinds of nature spirits are analogous to bees, receiving the higher-order energies, digesting and assimilating them, and then producing from themselves an equivalent energy, like honey, which the plant can absorb within its vital subtle field. Of course, this is just a metaphor, not an exact description of what happens, but it conveys the principle of it.

A nature spirit is usually a being that is defined by a particular relationship with some specific form or function within the natural environment of the earth.

A nature spirit is usually a being that is defined by a particular relationship with some specific form or function within the natural environment of the earth. By necessity, such beings, while their origin and fuller natures may be in the higher-order worlds, take form and work within the transitional realms and the subtle energy fields of the physical worlds. They tie themselves to specific landscapes and to geographical features such as rivers, and to species of plants and animals, and even to the individual plants themselves. The large maple trees in my backyard, for example have one or more nature spirits – in this case, maple tree spirits – associated with them.

Nature Spirits (Angels)

Limb to limb

Most nature spirits, then, are incarnated into the earth in ways that many of their subtle counterparts in the higher-order worlds are not. They have a more intimate relationship with matter and form. If I think in a metaphor of circulation and blood flow within a human body, they are part of the transfer mechanism that delivers nutrients from the bloodstream to the individual cells and in turn bring the contributions of the cell back to the blood stream to be part of the larger whole of the body, as well as removing and eliminating waste products. Nature spirits are a vital, intimate, and “hands-on” part of the circulation of light and vital energies through the planetary body of Gaia.

Human beings are part of Nature, a fact we often overlook or forget, and as such, there are nature spirits “assigned” or related to us. Some of these work with our bodies, while others work with the products of our civilization. These are the spirits of our artifacts, the things we create and fashion from the materials we draw from nature. As human beings have advanced in this regard, becoming more and more technologically adept and transforming more and more of the natural world into forms and materials created by humanity, nature spirits have adapted to keep up. In this way there has evolved a whole new class of “nature spirits” that might be called “techno-spirits.”

In September, 2018 we will explore in more depth how we can join our subtle allies to co-create a future that benefits all life in our world in our conference Co-Creative Spirituality: Shaping Our Future with the Unseen Worlds. Book your place today!


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