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Findhorn Talks – Inner Listening

Findhorn Talks – Inner Listening

Connecting with and Honouring Our Inner Wisdom/Teacher

Live event on Sunday 5th December 2021
10:00 – 11:30 am (GMT) see time in your local time zone
6pm (HKT Hong Kong)
9pm (AEDT Eastern Australia)

Watch Party & Live Q&A on Monday 6th December 2021
7:00 – 8:30pm (GMT) see time in your local time zone
11am (PST West Coast USA)
2pm (EST East Coast USA)

Presenters: Findhorn Foundation Co-workers
Hosts: Judy McAllister, Yasko Takahashi
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Each one of us has an inner wisdom or teacher within us. That is one of the core ideas present since the beginning of the Findhorn Foundation Community. The question is: are we willing to look for a way to ‘listen’ for it?

This webinar, hosted by Judy McAllister and Yasko Takahashi, is the second in the Findhorn Talks series focusing on the three core practices of of the Findhorn Foundation, the others being Co-creation with the Intelligence of Nature, and Work as Love in Action (look out for the webinar on 11 January 2022). Inner listening was fundamental to our founders. Some of the guidance they received from their inner divine source can be found here

‘Listening’ happens in many ways – it could be a clear inner voice, intuitive knowing, visual impressions, a felt-sense, or any number of means!  Learning to recognise how we ‘listen’, to develop the inner muscles of trust and discernment that allow us to refine our ‘listening’, takes patience, persistence and perseverance. And a readiness to make mistakes that we can take the time to learn from.

Each person’s journey is different, each person’s listening practice is unique to them. We can support each other along the path through shared practice, and support ourselves through a willingness to observe and assess our own experiences. There are lessons along the way, times of trial and error, and always opportunities for discovery. It can be useful to remember that there is always more! More to discover, to learn, to practise!

In this webinar we will cover:

  • That Inner listening is not just done by the ‘special’ people; we can all experience it, everybody can do it.
  • The variety of ways of listening.
  • The role of discernment as you learn to listen.

To include as much of our global family as possible across different time zones, we are offering a second opportunity to engage. On 6 December we will host a Watch Party where we view the recording of the first event together, followed by a live Q&A session.

The session on 5 December will be recorded. Booking your place on either date will give you access to the live session on that day, as well as the recording of the first session for 30 days afterwards.

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