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Findhorn Talks: Co-creation with the Intelligence of Nature

Welcome to Findhorn Talks

Session 1: Co-creation with the Intelligence of Nature

Cultivating your own connections – wherever you are

This event has been recorded Thursday 16 September 2021

Watch the recording of the event here

Presenters: Findhorn Gardeners – Jewels Kinnair, Ash Balderson, Yuko Sato, Evert Vanthoor, Niels Paulsen
Hosts: Judy McAllister, Yasko Takahashi
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From the earliest days of the Findhorn Foundation community we have worked with the attitude that everything in nature has an ensouling intelligence and that we each have within us the capacity to engage and co-operate with that intelligence. Building ever deeper relationships with these realms may be a key element of how we move forward into our collective planetary future.

The work done by co-founder Dorothy Maclean, R.Ogilvie Crombie, David Spangler and other early residents in the community, laid foundations for a new attitude to nature, to the land and to the notion that our lives are interwoven with a multi-dimensional world of intelligence – the so called subtle worlds.

Shifting our attitudes to the forms around us, honouring the life force in all things, engaging with the subtle realms in collaborative ways, led to results that generated much of the early attention focused on the community.

These attitudes remain vividly alive today. Gardeners from several of our gardens will invite you into their gardens and share some of their personal experiences of co-creation with nature.

In this webinar we will address:

  • How you can deepen those relationships and make them relevant in your daily life.
  • How those same attitudes could contribute to identifying ways forward in these times.
  • How this relationship can support each of us to remain present as we respond to the ever more urgent challenges facing our world today.