We’re celebrating our 60th Birthday! Join us from 12-18 November, in person or online!


How would life feel if it were lived by the community’s practices of work as love in action, inner listening, and co-creation with the intelligence of nature?
Would that change the way you relate to your work or daily tasks? How transformative would a mindful approach be, when held within the aspect of loving kindness and joyful gratitude?

You are invited to join the growing community at the newly re-opened Cluny Hill, which is once again welcoming guests. Feel more connected to yourself and to others, be more present, and experience the depth of expanding consciousness through the mindful and heart-centred approach to daily life.

Embrace transformation and a sense of belonging within this Community of Practice (CoP)  at Cluny, joining with others in practising and demonstrating conscious service and love in action – with spirit, in your relationship with yourself, with others and with nature.

Come and be part of building the transformational field at Cluny! Retreat dates coming soon.

Cooking in Cluny Hill with a candle in the foreground

A life-changing opportunity

The transformative shift from a mind-centred experience of life to a heart-centred one may allow a deepening awareness of love and a flowering of peace, fun and joy.

How you choose to connect and experience your time may vary, but you may well notice benefits from your engagement with the rhythms and practices of the Cluny community, such as a more balanced sense of being, inner stillness and less reactivity.

Other benefits we’ve seen are an inner joy that isn’t dependent on outer circumstances, a strong and authentic sense of who you are on a soul level, an increase in creativity, a feeling of belonging leading to increased self-esteem and acceptance, and clarity in your life purpose.

Your time at Cluny may bring you a realisation and then the awareness that you can choose how you experience each moment of your life.

Volunteers walking with wheelbarrows around to Cluny Hill entrance lawn in the garden

What to expect

In becoming a member of this Community of Practice at Cluny you will be part of the daily life of a living education service department, joining the garden, kitchen, homecare or maintenance teams.

During the week you’ll also have an educational input session and a time of sharing with other CoP participants.

Holding a sense of purpose for the week, you will experience the growth that comes through living the three practices in daily life.

At the end of your time there will be an opportunity to reflect on the entire experience.

How it works

In order to join the Community of Practice at Cluny, we ask that you have at least done Findhorn Experience Week or English In Community before.

You may join for a minimum of a week:

  • Week 1 is an induction into Cluny’s rhythms, and your group.
  • Week 2 lets you settle into an area of service within Cluny, deepening into living and working in community.
  • Week 3 expands on your first weeks, extending your practice of service.

There can be 10 participants in the CoP rhythm at any one time, with new people able to join as spaces become available.

Price for Week 1 is £225, scaling down for extra weeks you stay. This covers your room at Cluny and all your meals.

Week 1: £225

Weeks 1 and 2: £400

Weeks 1, 2 and 3: £575

If you would like to stay beyond three weeks, please look at the residential volunteer positions that arise from time to time.

We look forward to welcoming you into this loving community!

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