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Do you need a relaxing, restful week, allowing space in your life for reflection and spiritual exploration? Or have you visited the community before and are longing to return and reconnect?

Perhaps you’ve recently completed Experience Week and don’t want to leave just yet, wanting to remain within its rhythms for a few more days.

Gracious Cluny Hill, formerly a hotel and spa in Victorian times, is waiting to welcome you. Give yourself the gift of immersing yourself in its peaceful and nourishing energy.

Cluny Gentle Retreat Weeks offer a quiet time of connecting with the deep nurturing of Cluny’s beautiful house and gardens, being held within its loving heart. It’s a time to relax and rest, with no time constraints. If you’ve just completed Experience Week, this is an opportunity to deepen into your journey of unfolding awareness.

Connect with the community’s spiritual practices – deep inner listening, co-creation with the intelligence of nature, and work as love in action – within the spaciousness of time to explore what it means to be connected with spirit and your own intuition, and to practise this in everyday life.

Whether you’re visiting for the first time, or you’ve been here before, we look forward to giving you a warm-hearted welcome! Choose dates in August, September, October and November.

The stained glass window decoration in Beech Tree Room at Cluny Hill

You're invited to ...

  • Release the pressure of life and relax in a nurturing space with like-hearted people.
  • Follow the call of your heart and soul to deepen your inner connection to Spirit and your own inner wisdom.
  • Continue to develop a deep and sustained relationship with your soul’s journey, within the unique context of Cluny Hill.
  • Nurture and embrace the deep sense of peace that comes from giving yourself time and space to listen to your heart.

The focus of the week is a gentle immersion in Cluny culture, inner and outward exploration, and connecting with nature through gardens and the landscape.

Why do a Cluny Gentle Retreat Week?

A week in Cluny will give you the opportunity to …

  • Give yourself time for real rest and contemplation.
  • Be gently held and nurtured in loving community, while still having space for your own quiet time should you choose it.
  • Feel into the community and take part in community activities, both at Cluny or if you wish to travel to The Park.

And if you’ve visited before – or just finished Experience Week – you’ll be able to …

  • Deepen your experience and entrench the practices you’ve learnt into your daily life.
  • Have more space to unfold a transformative process and sit with any insights that have arisen.
  • Rest and relax with no time commitments – other than meals! (Experience Week can be intense!)
View of the golf course from the lawn near the entrance to Cluny Hill in summer.

What to expect

This is a quiet, self-guided and loosely held week designed to immerse yourself into the Findhorn Foundation community, or integrate after Experience Week, within the energies of the house, the field and the land.

After registration on Monday morning and settling into your room, you’ll have a tour of the house and gardens, and choose an angel for the week, for the group and for yourself.

The week will unfold at the pace you set. Join the regular morning meditations, or enjoy the freedom of walks in the woods and gardens – mindful time surrounded by nature’s beauty.

You can also choose to do some Love in Action. There will be opportunities to join a department for a shift, and of course KP after dinner always welcomes help! (These can be arranged through your focaliser.)

You’ll have access to an online content hub and library, including recordings of recent webinars on the three practices, to enjoy any time you like.

There will be DVDs from the Findhorn Foundation collection available to view.

On Friday there will be a Completion sharing along with a celebration dinner. You’ll depart on Saturday morning.

Prices and accommodation

Prices include access to the digital library, accommodation in Cluny, and all meals.

£795 – Single room

£755 – Double or twin

£655 – Multi sharing

Cluny Gentle Retreat Weeks run from Monday to Saturday roughly every second week through the year. You’ll be based at our Cluny Hill site above the town of Forres.

If you would like to build more activities into your experience of northern Scotland, please see our Visit section for how to get here, and more things to do in the area.

Choose your dates and book!

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