Findhorn Experience Week

Give yourself the gift of space, time and loving support for inner reflection while exploring how to live more from the heart – and to trust the wisdom within.

Embody the community’s founding practices in your daily life, like thousands of participants over the decades who have seen Experience Week as a turning point in their lives.

Be Still and Know - gate to Original Garden at the Findhorn Foundation

Retreats at The Park

Tailor-make your own private retreat here at The Park in Findhorn, on the edge of beautiful woodlands, dunes and the beach, where the land invites you to wander freely and unwind as you connect with nature.

There’s a variety of accommodation available, and you can add as many or as few community activities as you choose.

Aerial view of Cluny Hill

Cluny Retreat Weeks

Take a week of rest at Cluny Hill, enjoying the deep nurturing of the house’s spiritual rhythms and beautiful gardens and woods.

These gentle weeks are ideal when you want to feel held in a quiet and nurturing space. Enjoy sharings, meditations and excursions, along with plenty of time to deepen into the peace of the gardens and surrounding nature. Cluny is waiting to welcome you home once again.

Our retreat house Traigh Bhan on the Scottish island of Iona, near the beach, viewed from the air by drone (Photo by Mark Richards - Aurora Imaging)

Iona Retreat Weeks

Traigh Bhan is the Findhorn Foundation’s retreat house on this fabled island off Mull on Scotland’s West Coast.

Iona has a very special energy, having been a place of spiritual pilgrimage for thousands of years. Experience this magic on a variety of small-group retreat weeks held in this peaceful house right on the beach.

View across the water of the houses on the Isle of Erraid, rocks and seaweed in the foreground

Erraid Retreat Weeks

Join our small eco-community on this wild and beautiful isle on the West Coast of Scotland, within sight of Iona.

Live in rhythm with the island’s seasons and tides, either as a get-away retreat guest or help out through Love in Action in the garden and with meals. There are also special themed retreats on the Celtic festivals.

Findhorn Directions

Getting to Findhorn

The Findhorn Foundation and The Park Ecovillage are in the county of Moray in north-east Scotland. Our closest town is Forres (5 miles/8km), which has good bus and rail links. The nearest airports are Inverness (24 miles/38km) and Aberdeen (71 miles/114km). While flying is quicker, it’s less Earth-friendly, so we trust you’ll choose your transport with awareness.

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