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TEDxFindhorn 2016


x=Independently organised TED event

From May 2015 to February 2018, the Universal Hall hosted an amazing series of TEDxFindhorn events. On this page you can see the talks that were given at two TEDxFindhorn events, held on 8th July 2016 and 1st October 2016.

TEDxFindhorn events were independently coordinated and organised events, held under license from the TED organisation. TEDxFindhorn events generally took the form of an evening gathering with 4 inspiring speakers each holding a talk of about 20 minutes duration.

Unfortunately, the TEDxFindhorn license is not being renewed, but with a back catalogue of 33 TEDxFindhorn talks, there a wide variety of subjects to dip into, ranging from “The Real Macbeth” to “Experiments in Communication with Morphogenetic Fields”.

Mumta Ito

The Rights of Nature
Mumta Ito’s central theme is that by enshrining Rights of Nature in law, we protect the environment that we all need for our very existence.

In her passionate talk she points out that although humans have the right to life, Nature which provides all the materials for our lives has no such rights.

Mumta Ito is the founder of the International Centre for Wholistic Law and Rights of Nature Europe, which aims to realign the application and methodology of law with the universal laws that govern all life. therightsofnature.org

Lisa Shaw

From Wastewater to Deep Beauty
Artist and Photographer Lisa Shaw talks about the blending of art, nature and technology and how it influences her work in ecological restoration of dangerously polluted waterways around the world.

From her childhood as the daughter of a sewerage engineer to how she teaches her son that there is no rubbish in nature, Lisa’s talk and photographs are truly inspirational.

Lisa Shaw is an artist working in the field of ecological design applied to restoration biology. She creates paintings and collaborative art projects as part of the team at Biomatrix Water combining art, nature, engineering & community involvement to transform polluted waterways. www.biomatrixwater.com

Alexander Chapman Campbell

Three Pieces for Piano
Alexander, a young Scottish composer/pianist, performs three tracks from his album Portraits of Earth for solo piano. Hauntingly beautiful with rich, ethereal, emotive melodies, they touch the hearts of the audience.

Alexander draws his inspiration from long walks in the Scottish Highlands and along the river banks near his home. Five years in the making, his recent album was recorded in just one single take.

First piece: Prelude To The Dawn
Second Piece: Song Of The Evening
Third Piece: The Winter Hills

Alexander lives in the Scottish Highlands. Composing at home, he gains inspiration from the natural world around him.

He has recently released his much awaited second collection for solo piano, ‘Portraits of Eart’. His music has been described as ‘not jazz, not classical, not improvised, but a glimpse of something new…’ www.alexanderchapmancampbell.com

Alex Walker

Community Development : An Introduction to Spell Casting
Alex Walker is one of Scotland’s leading experts in the field of Community Development and in this light-hearted presentation, he talks about some of the ‘spells’ he has used over the years as he weaved his ‘magic’.

Without use of a wand or dusty spell book, Alex describes how using Slocombe’s Clarity, Wood’s Marvellous Matrix and The Fuse helps him to deal with the ups and downs of day-to-day Community living.

Alex Walker is a community activist and sustainable development consultant. He is the chairman of Ekopia, which invests in various social enterprises in Moray, Scotland and is a director of Development Trusts Association Scotland. www.ekopia.org.uk

Alan Watson-Featherstone

Restoring the Ancient Caledonian Forest
Nearly 30 years ago, Alan Watson-Featherstone stood in the Universal Hall and in front of 300 people made a life-long commitment to restore the ancient Caledonian Forest.

He started with no resources, no knowledge, no access to land and no funds, but his passion and inspiration have carried him forward and now his charity Trees for Life not only helps nature to restore the Scottish Highland – it also helps people reconnect with their spirit, with hope and with the land.

Alan is the Founder and Visionary of Trees for Life since 1989, with overall responsibility for the charity and its strategic direction. His work includes a special focus on media and public relations, major donor fundraising and biodiversity research at Dundreggan Conservation Estate. treesforlife.org.uk

Lisette Schuitemaker

Insight into birth order effects can help even Hillary
Lisette Schuitemaker has long been puzzled by the tensions that arise between siblings who, in principle, love each other.

Using world leaders as examples, in this engaging and funny talk she shares powerful insights into how our place in the birth order forms us – and how we can avoid the ‘birth order blind spot’.

Lisette Schuitemaker has had a varied career in communications and initiatives for a better world.

As an author, she has immersed herself in the effects of the family birth order, concentrating on her own spot to write the book: The Eldest Daughter Effect.

Galen Fulford

The Re-Integration of Nature
From 40 days in the Utah Canyons working with convicts to natural buildings growing food in the future, Galen’s wide-ranging talk explores how our loss of connection with the natural world can be remedied using both nature and technology to support each other to grow food, purify the air we breathe and the water we take for granted.

Galen Fulford has been implementing ecological solutions to solve problems of water scarcity and water contamination on an international scale for the past 15 years. He uses his practical experience and affinity for invention to design and engineer creative solutions for water treatment and bioremediation. As managing director of Biomatrix he focuses on providing products and services to meet the growing demand for ecological water technology that is both functional, attractive and sustainable. www.biomatrixwater.com

Cameron Taylor

The Real Macbeth
William Shakespeare’s tragic drama Macbeth is one of the best known works of literature in the world, and the character Macbeth is the archetypal anti-hero. When, in Act Three, Banquo asks Macbeth how far it is to Forres, few of the audience know that Forres is a real place and Macbeth a real – and profoundly misunderstood – man.

Join Cameron Taylor as he uncovers his research on The Real Macbeth, last Celtic King of Alba, and explore the reasons for the differences between fact and fiction

Born in Orkney, ‘beside the oceans of time’ as the late George Mackay Brown so lyrically put it, Cameron Taylor is a writer, historian and consultant. His work on transmedia storytelling led him into a journey of discovery on the trail of the real Macbeth leading to a book, a documentary and almost to his arrest.

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