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TEDxFindhorn October and November 2017


x=Independently organised TED event

From May 2015 to February 2018, the Universal Hall hosted an amazing series of TEDxFindhorn events. On this page you can see the talks that were given at two TEDxFindhorn events held in October and November 2017.

TEDxFindhorn events were independently coordinated and organised events, held under license from the TED organisation. TEDxFindhorn events generally took the form of an evening gathering with 4 inspiring speakers each holding a talk of about 20 minutes duration.

Unfortunately, the TEDxFindhorn license is not being renewed, but with a back catalogue of 33 TEDxFindhorn talks, there is a wide variety of subjects to dip into, ranging from “The Real Macbeth” to “Experiments in Communication with Morphogenetic Fields”.

TEDxFindhorn 5th October 2017

Joey Walters

Rising Connected ~ giving women the courage to lead
Many women are feeling called to make a difference in the world, yet struggle in isolation to bring their authentic voices and leadership forward. Joey shares her experience of how women are becoming courageous feminine leaders by ‘rising connected’ to themselves, to ‘life’ and to one another. This begins, she says, with ‘holding a loving space for ourselves in the face of whatever challenge we might meet when we feel called to step outside our comfort zone’.

Joey is the founder of Awakening Feminine Leaders; a learning community supporting women social entrepreneurs and change leaders. Joey is completing her first book based on her successful international series ‘A Call to Stand.’ awakeningfeminineleaders.com

Margaret Elphinstone

Speaking to the Animals about the Hunt
In her talk, Margaret takes a look at how our technological inventiveness has outstripped our social and psychological development. We cannot handle the world we have created. This talk will seek lessons from our distant ancestors who knew they must listen to the Earth and the Animals to keep the balance right. We must rediscover and apply their skills if we are to survive.

Margaret is emeritus professor of Writing at Strathclyde University. She believes the arts have a crucial role in creating contemporary narratives addressing our predicament and offering alternative visions for the future. She has published eight novels, short stories, poetry, literary criticism and two books on organic gardening. Her working life has been spent in Scotland, apart from a short spell in the USA and she now lives with her partner in Galloway.

Deborah Jay-Lewin

Restoring health and wisdom through embodied movement
Deborah looks at the intimate interaction between personal health and the state of the world. She reveals how the experience of embodied movement, presence and conscious emotional intelligence ignites an increased individual sense of health that supports a shift towards a healthy planet.

Dance Teacher, Energy Worker and Undercover Detective for the Soul, Deborah travels the world working with people solo and in groups; ‘midwifing’ them into their authentic creative selves through dance and movement. www.vitalmoves.co.uk

Stephanie Mines

The Neurophysiology of Spiritual Guidance
Stephanie shares her personal investigations and clinical research into how the brain networks experiences of spiritual guidance, alongside her understanding of the neurophysiology of receiving and transmitting it. Clear guidance is differentiated from intuition or occasional psychic hunches. It is an integrated, holistic neuro-chemical phenomenon that forever transforms the individual who experiences it, recalibrating their nervous system.

Stephanie devotes herself to the resolution of personal and collective trauma. Her explorations into natural, non-pharmaceutical ways to unburden the nervous system from overwhelm have resulted in five books including We Are All in Shock: How Overwhelming Experience Shatters You and What You Can Do About It and They Were Families: How War Comes Home. She is the founder of the TARA Approach for the Resolution of Shock and Trauma and the vision holder and convener of the Findhorn Foundation Conference 20 – 26 April 2019, Climate Change and Consciousness: Our Legacy for the Earth.

TEDxFindhorn 10th November 2017

Jeddah Mali

What Makes Life Work?
What if the mechanics that successfully create and sustain life on earth, are the clues for how to better run our lives, organisations and society? Jeddah Mali explores how natural intelligence offers us a fractal hypothesis that scales across the individual to global spectrum. It provides a unified framework to develop a new approach to the challenges we face every day as a species.

Jeddah mentors and consults for individuals, organisations and social initiatives as well as advising and guiding thought leaders and change makers. Her clients are
drawn from over 60 countries around the world. www.intelligent.life

Andrew Watterson

Why fracking can jeopardise your health and damage the world
Professor Andrew Watterson reveals information about fracking that hitherto has only partially entered the public domain. Citing strong scientific evidence, he shows how fracking poses serious risks to public health and the environment.

Professor Andrew Watterson heads the Occupational and Environmental Health Research Group and Centre for Public Health and Population Health Research at Stirling University. He has a particular interest in cumulative health impact assessments of fracking, risk assessment and risk management of chemicals and has written several reports and peer-reviewed papers on fracking.

David Smythe

Fracking: The Wild West comes to the UK
In this informative and startling talk, David Smythe, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics at the University of Glasgow, exposes the fracking industry as being both unprofitable and environmentally damaging. He also describes how the the industry has been misleading the public and explains how it has not been adequately regulated.

David Smythe was Professor of Geophysics at the University of Glasgow. Following early retirement in 1998 he consulted intermittently for the oil industry. Since 2013 he has researched the risks of contamination of groundwater resources by fracking.

Stuart Haszeldine

Halting Climate Change with Certificates of Carbon Storage
Continually extracting fossil carbon and bio-carbon, to dump combustion products into the atmosphere no longer balances. Protecting the atmosphere is nobody’s business, but everybody’s responsibility. Renewable electricity is not enough. It is also necessary to re-capture already-emitted carbon. Certificates of Storage can achieve this and create net-zero emissions.

Stuart Haszeldine is Professor of Geology and Carbon Capture and Storage at the University of Edinburgh. He spent two decades learning how to extract and use fossil fuels and has spent the subsequent 15 years trying to replace carbon back underground into the geology it came from.

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