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Robert Holden Ph.D.: Easter for Mystics

Robert Holden

Robert Holden Ph.D : Easter for Mystics.

An Evening Talk held on

Easter Sunday April 1st 2018
In the Universal Hall at the Findhorn Foundation

A Findhorn Foundation Special Event

What wants to be born in you this Easter?
What new story is emerging in your life?
What do you say yes to?

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Join Robert Holden for an inspiring one and a half hour talk on ways to make Easter a meaningful time of rebirth and transformation. Robert will offer a mix of meditations, prayers and storytelling – drawing inspiration from A Course in Miracles, the Gospel of John, Christian mysticism, Joseph Campbell (the American Mythologist), the Mary Magdalene tradition and more. Key themes include:

  • The Holy Shift: experiencing the Metanoia, the holy birth within.
  • Dark Night of the Soul: allowing a new light to dawn.
  • The Miracle of Forgiveness: releasing everything that would hurt you.
  • The End of Sacrifice: silencing stories of lack, struggle and suffering.
  • Follow Your Bliss: taking the next step in your life.


Easter for Mystics – Robert Holden from Findhorn Live! on Vimeo.