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Video on Demand – Shaping Our New Future with the Sidhe

We are creating and offering our online spiritual resources to people around the world at this time, free of charge. However, until further notice we have also suspended our residential workshops and events, which we rely on for 80% of our income. We know that many people are facing challenging situations at the moment. If you feel passionate and are able to make a donation to help the Findhorn Foundation to support people around the world, it would be a real blessing. Thank you.

Video on Demand – Shaping Our New Future With the Sidhe
Sat 19th Oct 2019 – Three Days of Workshop Recordings

Søren Hauge & Sussie Luscinia Nielsen

Freely Available to View Here

Findhorn livestream provided me with an exciting, heartfelt, inclusive and sublime experience – very close to actually being there.

EW, Tallahassee, USA

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Three Days of Workshop Recordings

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Livestream – Shaping Our New Future with the Sidhe
Sat 19th October 2019 – 3 days

Søren Hauge & Sussie Luscinia Nielsen

Our Wild Sidhe-Longing

Many of us, especially in these times, sense a longing for a world that seems close, but not quite here. The innocent freedom of nature calls to something in us. We sense that the Earth is alive and conscious, and that we can cooperate with it. There are moments when we glimpse the possibility of living in flow, as if dancing or singing ourselves into being.

But can we really live this way? Faced with the pressures of modern life and social demands, our longing can seem like an impossible, impractical dream. It can seem easy to give up and believe that this felt sense of wild freedom could never become the way we live.

Inviting a New Partnership

But it is possible to let this gentle wildness be the way we live. And now, companions are inviting you to do exactly this. In this three day event you will join teachers Søren and Sussie as well as Findhorn community members on an extraordinary journey into your inner wildness. We will be exploring an opportunity to enter a partnership that is newly emerging in this time for many people: the realm of the Sidhe.

Recognising our Ancient Kin

Sidhe Future

Ancient places of connection with the Sidhe realm still exist

The Sidhe (a Gaelic word pronounced ‘shee’) are a living reality and not just mythical creatures. They are part of the subtle realms and even closer to us than angels, devas and nature spirits. They figure prominently in the myths of many world cultures, such as Scandinavian ones (where they were called the ‘huldra’).

Yet for centuries people have dismissed the ancient stories of the Sidhe and considered them inventions of human imagination. In our time, the underlying sense of wild harmony and freedom that the Sidhe realm brings can seem buried under the pressures of a modern vision of the ‘real world’. But some among the Sidhe are reaching out to connect with us, reminding us of a shared past and fractured wholeness in the challenged world of today. Their offer is to help us reclaim our lost wildness and become dancers in living wholeness.

A creative exploration With You!

What does this mean? Who really are the Sidhe? How can we engage? This is exactly what this three day event is all about. Following up on the Co-Creative Spirituality Conference in 2018 where the Sidhe first stepped centrally into the community’s awareness, we invite you to become fellow travelers on this amazing adventure that is shaping a new shared future. We will expand the understanding about our Sidhe relatives, explore how we can partner with them and what may come out of it for the benefit of you and of all life. The three day event will be very practical and experimental, full of fun and playfulness, and we will improvise with the following approaches:

  • Aware-Share: Creative group-dialogue and engaging teaching
  • Imaginative Presence: Using creative meditation & nature attunement
  • Resonance & the Shared Field: Exploring Sidhe-awareness in the shared field
  • Contact methods: How to engage with the Sidhe
  • Organic Learning: Developing Sidhe-awareness through embodiment
  • Light-Crafting: Weaving living songlines
  • Shapeshifting: Exercises with your gentle wildness
  • Life-Musicality: Inner and outer dance and movement in flow
  • Future-shaping Rituals: Embodying the rising potentials

Transforming human consciousness

Sidhe future

Our wild longing can lead us to new connections

As you co-create and explore, you will also help shape the Findhorn community’s history. Ever since its early cooperation with the deva kingdoms, Findhorn has been a beacon of hope and inspiration for people wanting to co-create with our planet’s conscious dimensions. The community here – which you will be part of for these three days – works consciously to spread what happens here into the world. So what you will do in this gathering will sound a note that will resonate in the greater heart and mind of humanity.

This event is calling you to be one of the way-showers of an emerging partnership with our Sidhe kin. Just as Findhorn’s co-creative work with plant consciousness opened countless people to a new realm, this new exploration can open countless people to a closer connection with the Sidhe realm.

What may emerge?

Encountering the different culture of the Sidhe can be deeply transformative. Both they and we have a lot to gain from cultivating this partnership. They learn from us and we from them – and something new emerges, blending the Sidhe and human nature into a star-gaian-human. What will emerge? We cannot say at this early stage, but it will be something new stemming from our ability to reconnect with innocence, discovering the lost magic of deep connectedness and living in deep, peaceful flow. For us it will unfold our inner Sidhe-nature, our authentic, gentle wildness. For the Sidhe it will be reconnecting with the almost forgotten human element. It will change the way we live, how we connect with nature and Gaia, and how we form society and culture.

Sidhe Future

A world of new possibilities awaits

Join us on this journey

It is great fun to embark on this adventure of ‘getting lost to find your path’. It begins with unfolding your wild presence and authentic gentleness. These three days will take us into territory that may be unfamiliar, moving and revelatory. We will come away from them having explored more deeply our own mysterious depths and the emerging story of the reunion of the Sidhe and humanity. It is all about natural resonance, joyful connectedness and being rooted both in the Earth and the stars, with our full dignity and innocence. In this spirit we will gain skills for connecting with the Sidhe and help your own Sidhe nature to unwind, permeate and expand in your conscious awareness and daily life. At the core of our journey is a celebration of a sacred, hidden treasure: your true, gentle wildness! Book Livestream.

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