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Jeddah Mali: What Makes Life Work?

Jeddah Mali

Jeddah Mali: What Makes Life Work?
The Concept, Practice and Application of Natural Intelligence

Saturday 2nd to Tuesday 5th December 2017

A Findhorn Foundation Special Event

We all want to thrive, but we are gradually realising that to achieve this, individually and collectively, we need to fundamentally reevaluate our existing approach. Yet the knowledge of how life really works, of what’s required to produce personal satisfaction, let alone an enduringly successful organisation, a highly functioning society or a sane and healthy world, has remained frustratingly elusive.

What if we are currently trying to make things work without understanding the underlying mechanics? What if these hidden mechanics were a crucial influence in the results we are getting? And what if our continued misunderstanding was responsible for the increased challenges we are now facing?

We need a whole new understanding to go any further. The kind of understanding that can change the future we are heading towards.

Natural intelligence can address some of the pressing issues of our time… (read more here.)

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