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Findhorn Talks

Thoughts on the Leading Edge

On October 13 2018, Findhorn Live presented an inspiring evening of talks featuring four wonderful speakers. The event was rounded off with a panel Q&A hosted by Robin Alfred.

Jude Currivan Ph.D.

A Great Thought…
Leading edge science is revealing a radical perception: that our Universe is innately unified, made up of digitised in-formation and holographically manifested. If our Universe is a great thought rather than a great thing – what then?

Jude is a cosmologist, award-winning author of The Cosmic Hologram and previously one of the most senior business women in the UK. See: judecurrivan.com

William Bloom Ph.D.

The Future of Religion, Spirituality and Meditation
The social and environmental pressure cooker is intense. William proposes some hopeful possibilities.

William is an author, educator and founder of the Spiritual Companions Trust. See: williambloom.com

Daniel Wahl Ph.D.

Human and Planetary Health: Ecosystem restoration at the dawn of the Century of Regeneration
We stand at the dawn of the planetary era. The Re-Generation is rising. Individuals and communities around the world are restoring degraded ecosystems – regenerating the Earth and her People. The proposed ‘UN Decade for Ecosystem Restoration’ could become the foundation for a Century of Regeneration.

Daniel Christian Wahl PhD is a whole systems design specialist and regenerative development generalist with a background in biology, holistic science and design. Daniel´s work as an author, blogger, educator and consultant aims to contribute to a global rise in regenerative practice in business, leadership, education, policy and community design. See: danielchristianwahl.com

Martin Ping

The Wealth of Places
An inquiry into what may be gleaned from growing deeper in place…ruminations on the cow path.

Martin Ping is the Executive Director of Hawthorne Valley Association, a not-for-profit dedicated to renewing soil, society, and self through the integration of education, agriculture and art on a 900 acre biodynamic farm. Martin has been at Hawthorne Valley for 30 years. During much of that time he taught practical arts in the High School and was Director of Facilities. Martin has served as ED since 2003, and currently teaches economics in Grade 12. He is a founding member of Slow Money and is co-founder and storyteller for The Magical Puppet Tree. Martin has served on the boards of several not-for-profit organisations and is most grateful in his role as Poppy to his two grandchildren. See: hawthornevalley.org

Panel Q&A hosted by Robin Alfred

Members of the audience asked the panelists questions concerning the Bahá’i faith; Jordan Peterson; the importance of embracing paradox and how politics can become an engine for change in this time of crisis.