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Co-Creative Spirituality: Shaping Our Future with the Unseen Worlds

Co creative Spirituality – Livestreamed!!

Co-Creative Spirituality

September 22 – 27

Join a gathering of humans and members of our planet’s subtle and spiritual dimensions to respond to the calling of our planet during this time of change.

Together we will explore ways to go beyond old separations and increase the love between the human and the subtle realms. This will be a highly experiential event giving you tools and practices to work with different members of Earth’s ‘second ecology’ of subtle and spiritual energies and beings – and your own subtle and spiritual aspects.

Web Streaming

The web streaming will give you access to morning plenary sessions, afternoon ‘passport sessions’ that explore one aspect of the Earth’s subtle and spiritual dimensions, and three home group sessions, which will help you integrate the new practices and experiences you will gain in the conference.

Pricing and Bursaries
Bursaries: We want to co-create a world where financial limitations do not prevent anyone from accessing our educational offerings. We are making some bursaries available for those with financial need.

To request a bursary, please contact bookings@findhorn.org

​Livestream Schedule (Please note, all times are BST)

Saturday 22nd September​
2pm – 5.30pm: Opening Session and Overview. (Teabreak: 3.30pm – 4pm)
8pm – 10pm: Keynote: David Spangler – Gaian Ecology

Sunday 23rd September
9am – 12.15pm: Panel Session. Introducing the passport territories and tools for traveling (Teabreak: 10.30am – 11am)
2pm – 3.30pm: Passport Session – Mary Inglis: Subtle Activism
4pm – 5.30pm: Passport Session – Uta Gabay: Our Higher Human Coworkers
8pm – 10pm: Home Group Session with Julie Spangler and Freya Secrest. This is exclusively an online session, with no live audience. Livestream participants can pose their questions through the livestream chat facility.

Monday 24th September
9am – 12.15pm: Jeremy Berg and Søren Hauge – The Sidhe
(Teabreak: 10.30am – 11am)
2pm – 3.30pm: Passport Session: Søren Hauge – Worlds of the Sidhe
4pm – 5.30pm: Passport Session. Sandra Ingerman​ – ​ E​xperiencing the Shamanic Journey

Tuesday 25th September
9am – 12.15am: Judy McAllister and Marko Pogačnik – Earth Changes
(Teabreak: 10.30am – 11am)
2pm – 3.30pm: Passport Session: Freya Secrest – Devas of Cities and Countries
4pm – 5.30pm: Passport Session: Jeremy Berg – Techno-Elementals
7pm – 8.30pm: Home Group Session with Julie Spangler and Freya Secrest. This is exclusively an online session, with no live audience. Livestream participants can pose their questions through the livestream chat facility.

Wednesday 26th September
[Because of its deeply personal and confidential nature, the Game of Transformation cannot be live streamed]

Thursday 27th September
9am – 12.15pm: Vance Martin and Tim Hass – Bringing it Home
(Teabreak: 10.30am – 11am)
2.30pm – 5.30pm: Completion Ritual
(Teabreak: 3.30pm – 4pm)

More Information

Included in the purchase of the livestream of this event is access the recordings of the whole livestreamed conference, in perpetuity. Session recordings will be available to view about 10 mins after the end of each live session. This is especially useful, if for example, you are unable to view the session live due to time zone differences.

Be ready to travel to new places
The plenary sessions contain essential ‘tools for traveling’ which will help you connect with subtle and spiritual energies and allies, and we highly recommend that you watch these before watching the passport sessions.

Also, please be aware that the Findhorn community and the conference team (which include our wonderful spiritual and subtle allies as well as some committed humans) have been working for over two years to prepare the energetic field for this event. Participating even at a distance through the web streaming, you will feel part of it! So please be mindful and take good care of yourself, especially if you transition between participating in the conference and going to work or being with friends and family.

We will also be demonstrating grounding practices that we highly recommend you use to help integrate what you experience into your daily life.

Home Groups
Conference attendees will have the opportunity to share with their fellow travelers, to integrate and process their experiences. You will also get this opportunity, with Freya Secrest and Julia Spangler, Lorian Association teachers with deep experience working online. They will share practices and exercises for connecting with the subtle realms and you will be able to ask them questions via the chat function.