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Climate Change & Consciousness Live 2019

Climate Change & Consciousness 2019 Livestreaming
20-26 April 2019

Connect with a worldwide community of people who are willing to face Climate Change and are committed to creating a sustainable future for all beings on earth.

By registering, you can:

  • attend the conference through livestream
  • engage and discuss the topics with all livestreamers through livechat
  • access our social network CCCnet where you can share inspiration and meet all other participants

Access recordings:

  • Streamed sessions are available about 30 minutes after the end of each live session to watch on your own time.
  • You have lifetime access to all livestreamed sessions.

Findhorn livestream provided me with an exciting, heartfelt, inclusive and sublime experience – very close to actually being there in the Universal Hall.

EW, Tallahassee, USA

Click here for detailed information on speakers and workshops etc.

Click here for the livestream schedule.

Click here for the CCC19 website.

Create your own mini-conference (CCC19 hub)

We invite you to use the livestream as a basis to create your own mini-conference. Imagine if groups all over the world come together in a single week to take responsibility for their part in Climate Change. Our vision is that these hubs will stay connected after the conference and keep working towards a sustainable future for all beings.

Do you feel called to be that person in your community, company, city? Read our hub-guide and see the growing list of hubs.

If you need help with setting up a hub, please email: ccc19.hubs@findhorn.org

Pricing & Registration

Subscription prices are self-selected on the basis of personal income levels, the size and type of group as well an organisation’s profitability. Please be aware that these prices include a 10% early bird discount. After March 31 you will have to pay the full price.

Register by clicking on the package you feel is right for you.

Supported Pricing

Anyone from the Global South (and others on a subsistence income) can apply for a reduced ticket price. Please email findhorn.live@findhorn.org with the reasons for your application including a brief description of your financial circumstances.