We’re celebrating our 60th Birthday! Join us from 12-18 November, in person or online!


Find your voice; tell your story

18th October to 13th December, Tuesdays 5-6:30pm UK / other time zones

Welcome and Overview - Daniel Greenberg, Head of Education

Our future depends on the stories we tell ourselves and each other

In this time of global unraveling, millions are losing hope that a regenerative, meaningful and just future is even possible. But those of us connected to Findhorn not only know a better world is possible, it is available to us now! Developing and sharing our personal narratives of living from a place of inner listening, co-creation, and bringing love into the world can inspire others to help manifest this (re)emerging story of our being in community with each other and all life.

“Crafting stories to create a new normal… is a wonderful idea. For me it was the most vital, moving and healing process lived in a online-course.”

– Katharina Strasser

So what’s your story?

  • What is a story you wish everyone knew about your life? Why?
  • How did you find your passion or purpose? Why is it so meaningful to you?
  • How have you struggled with bringing your vision into reality?
  • How has living with a sense of love, purpose, and community transformed you, surprised you, or challenged you?

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The whole community in front of the Universal Hall in the 1980s in black and white.

Your invitation from Findhorn

Cornelia Featherstone

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This is offered in collaboration with the Celebrating One Incredible Family team, which is working together to co-create a collective autobiography of the 60 years of this Centre of Light and into the future…

Exploring our stories together we will…

  • Create a safe online community to support our story crafting and sharing
  • Learn about why stories are so important in this time of transition
  • Explore what makes a great story that can impact others and the world
  • Develop, revise, and share a meaningful personal story
  • Learn audio/video recording/editing using the online platform WeVideo
  • Craft our “digital stories” with narration, images/video, and music
  • Share our stories on the Findhorn Foundation’s YouTube channel (for those who wish)
  • Have an opportunity to share our stories at our 60th birthday celebration in November

The most beautiful part was how quickly those of us in the class built intimacy as we shared and witnessed each other’s stories from the heart.

— Firelight Hammerquist

Master the art of storytelling

This online course has two overlapping arcs. The first is the development, giving/receiving feedback to/from peers, and refining a poignant personal story. The second is learning the craft of digital storytelling and using an online video editor to add visuals and audio and eventually publish your story. We will focus on creating a safe and supportive online community so come ready to share your life with others.

Applied ecovillage living participants connecting to ancestry and spirituality through a sacred fire in the Earthlodge

We’ll share eight weeks together

This digital storytelling course will run from Tuesday 18th October to 13th December.

Our main sessions will be held on Zoom on Tuesdays 5-6:30pm UK / 9-10:30am Pacific / 12-1:30pm East Coast / 6-7:30pm Central Europe / 12-1:30am Australia West.

Session dates:

  • Tuesday 18th October
  • Tuesday 25th October
  • Tuesday 1st November
  • Tuesday 8th November
  • Tuesday 15th November
  • Tuesday 22nd November
  • Tuesday 29th November
  • Tuesday 6th December
  • Tuesday 13th December

Course price: £290

If you’d love to join us but the fee would cause financial strain, please apply for a subsidy.

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Daniel Greenberg

Daniel Greenberg

Daniel Greenberg, the Findhorn Foundation’s Director of Education, has been involved with Findhorn and the ecovillage movement since 1988 when he pursued his doctoral thesis on ‘growing up in communes’. He then spent a year at Findhorn where he was inspired to found the non-profit Living Routes, which partnered with UMass-Amherst to run study-abroad programmes based in ecovillages around the world.

Daniel has lived and worked in over 100 ecovillages around the world, is co-founder and past Board Member of Gaia Education, and served as President of the Global Ecovillage Network from 2015-2019.

Daniel is a very good storyteller himself and his questions drive you to put your essentials out.

— Rike Bucher, Berlin, Germany

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