Britta walking the spiral labyrinth in the dunes out in nature

From Personal to Planetary Change

When you take a step on a personal journey of transformation, you’re also helping to create change on a planetary level.

By starting with ourselves, we all help to bring a kinder, more compassionate world into being, where we live more in harmony with each other, the earth and all beings.

One participant noted:

‘I felt so safe and cared for, and part of something much bigger than me.’

Rediscover your Centre

In these times of uncertainty and change, Findhorn Experience Week helps us to ground ourselves, reminding us to live with love and consciousness, and a deeper sense of our own purpose and meaning.

Experience Week has been loved by thousands of participants over many decades, who remember it as a significant turning point in their lives.

Be Inspired by Time in Community

Findhorn Experience Week is the ideal introduction to the Findhorn spiritual community and pioneering ecovillage. You’ll have the space, time and loving support for inner reflection, while exploring how to live more from the heart – and to trust the wisdom within.

The Power of Human Connection

Experience for yourself the power of human connection. As we open our hearts, strangers from diverse countries, cultures and lives can – in just a few days – develop the sense of belonging, and bonds of friendship, that we all crave.

Participants of the permaculture design course (PDC) at the FIndhorn Foundation

Share. Practice. Discover.

‘This was a gift to self – to take time out and find a new path in life.’ 

During Experience Week you’ll share five days at Cluny Hill – our primary learning centre and a former Victorian hotel – with a group of curious explorers like yourself. Experience Week participants come from all over the globe, and range in age from 18 to 80+.

Explore the community’s core practices, such as listening to divine guidance through meditation, and attunement with nature, and actively discovering our interconnectedness – with each other, and with the greater consciousness we’re all part of.

Live as part of a vibrant community, with opportunities to join its rhythms and adventures – sharing circles, outings in nature, singing, dancing, and more. Even a wee bit of time for yourself as well!

You’ll also enjoy wholesome meals in friendship over inspiring conversations.

Participant of the permaculture design course (PDC) at the FIndhorn Foundation

What You’ll Experience

• The three core practices developed over 60 years in our community, and how to apply them in your own life:

  • Deep inner listening to the wisdom you have within you – recognising, accessing and working with your own inner knowing.
  • Learning how to connect and co-create with the intelligence of nature.
  • Practising how to put love into all that you do, making every activity an expression of your love, or seeing ‘work’ as love in action.

• A variety of exercises that help you recognise your sacred connection, and help to manage relationships.

• Insight into your next steps, and what can help to support you as you move forward in your life.

• Plus time to learn or deepen your meditation practice.

Woven throughout the week is a second, more personal dimension to the learning. As one participant described it:

‘It is a full body, mind and soul experience where you get a chance to learn more about yourself, about how you show up in a group, and your relationship and interconnectedness with nature.’

Prices and Accommodation

Prices include:

  • Your time in the programme for a week
  • Five nights’ accommodation at Cluny Hill in Forres, Scotland
  • Three daily meals – vegetarian, organic and local where possible, and all made with love.

Single room: £750
Shared room: £675

Please note that all rooms have access to shared bathrooms. There is free WiFi as well as a diverse range of books that you can borrow from our library.

Findhorn Experience Weeks run throughout the year – Monday to Friday, departing on Saturday morning.

We look forward to welcoming you to Findhorn Experience Week!

Choose your dates and book!

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Best thing I ever did was going to Cluny to do my Experience Week in 2011. It was the beginning and catalyst for the most amazing changes in my life and I have so much gratitude for the beautiful souls who were all brought together in that place at that time. – Esther Allan

Before you book Experience Week

When you book Experience Week, we’ll ask you to tell us a bit more about yourself. This is the first step into the spirit of the week and helps the facilitators get to know you and to prepare.

We ask about your joys, challenges and inspirations, your current life circumstances, why you want to do Experience Week and if you have any spiritual background (which is not required!)

We also ask whether you have, or have had, any physical, emotional, mental health or addiction conditions, and also how they are affecting you now. This is because the week can be a very heart-opening experience and sometimes emotions can arise.

We ask that participants are emotionally and psychologically stable and able to take care of their own emotions and experience.

Our facilitators are here to support you, but they are not trained therapists. This isn’t a therapy centre and the experience is not designed for those needing therapeutic support.

Please answer the questions yourself, and in your own words – don’t worry about language, we simply want to get to know you.

If you’re a couple or are booking with a friend, please complete separate booking forms, but let us who you’re booking with and whether you’d like to share a room.

Please don’t make travel plans until you have received our email confirming your booking.

If you use a wheelchair or have any other mobility difficulties please let us know when you book. Cluny Hill is a multi-storey building with access to the upper levels via staircase only.

If you have specific requirements please contact Bookings  before you book to ensure we can meet your needs. Please also include details with your booking form.


Experience Week takes place at our Cluny Hill site in Forres, with registration between 11.00 and 12.15 on the Monday at the start of the week.


Experience Week ends on Friday evening with a celebration dinner. Accommodation is provided until 9am on Saturday morning.

Subsidised places are available for Experience Week if you have financial constraints.

Experience Week group at the fire

Stay on for an extra week at Cluny

Many participants feel profound changes during this week, and you may want to stay on to relax, or deepen into the experience.

Book a Cluny Retreat right after your Experience Week, or choose from many other dates.

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