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Experience Week – again!

Words by Fi Luray

If you haven’t done Experience Week yet, make this the year! And if you have, perhaps consider Fi Luray’s take on repeating it 10 years later…

Experience week group Sept 2022
Experience Week group at the fire

A couple of weeks ago I took part in the new Experience Week. As many of you know, Experience Week has been reformatted and streamlined this year into five days.

I had done Experience Week some time ago when I was 19, and though it’s been about a decade now, I still remember that week with such clarity. It was the start of an awakening for me.

I remember thinking, ‘I didn’t know life could be like this!’

I didn’t know you could feel so connected to other people in such a short period of time. I didn’t know you could share that deeply. I didn’t know how much difference being close to other humans could make. I didn’t know how much meaning so many little moments could hold if we just let them.

All these years later, and deep into working for the Foundation, I – naively and egotistically – had low expectations of what I would get out of doing it again. I didn’t think it would still hold that magic, that newness, when Findhorn is no longer so new or so magical to me.

Fi Luray and Cai Meiklejon
Fi Luray, right, and Cai Meiklejon celebrating 10 years since they both did Experience Week.

I was wrong.

It was incredible. I felt the magic of Findhorn like a breath of fresh air all over again. Of course there is so much I still didn’t know! How could I think otherwise?

And what I realised is, I could do Experience Week a dozen times over, and I would still get something new and amazing out of it, because the constellation of people and energy in each group would be so different.

What a wonderful group of humans this was, and what a treat to spend a week learning and growing with them. I felt so safe and supported in this group of strangers that I now call friends.

I had the discovery of how important it is that we continue to hold this on-site experience because of the energy that all the participants bring here. In my opinion, that is at least half of what the magic of Findhorn is!

Is there anyone else out there who has done the original Experience Week as well as the new one? If you’ve done Experience Week, has it stayed with you too through your life?

All I can say is – and take this from a former sceptic – the magic of Findhorn is still here. Experience Week is still amazing. There is still so, so, so much to learn.

With love and gratitude,

In the image below, Fi is fifth from the right, at the back.

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Experience week group Sept 2022
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