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Why Not Become Right Now A Transmitter Of Joy?

August 31, 2018 By Eileen Caddy - guidance she received from the 'still, small voice within'

Let your lives be filled with joy, for joy is the highest state of consciousness. It lifts a soul out of the lower realms into the higher. It is contagious. When you find yourselves in the company of a soul who is bubbling over with joy and thanksgiving, you will find before long you will be doing the same, no matter how down in the dumps you may have been only a short time ago.

When you can stop and still your whole being, become aware of your true heritage and start counting your blessings one by one, you will find your whole outlook on life changing with great rapidity. You can never pretend to be joyful, it is something which comes from deep within the soul and becomes so great it cannot be contained within and so it comes bubbling out like a pure clear spring of water, and as it gathers momentum and becomes bigger and more powerful the faster it flows and it gathers all before it. Why not become right now a transmitter of joy?