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Keep Your Eye Fixed On The Light

March 31, 2017 By F. F. Content

See Me in everything and worship Me everywhere, for I AM in all things: in the garden, in the flowers, in the vegetables, in the fields, in your home, in all those around you, in the very centre of your being. I AM Spirit, I AM All in All. When you are down in the depths of despair I AM there, when you are in the heights of ecstasy I AM there; there is no place where I AM not. Be ever aware of Me and do everything with Me. When you are really aware of Me in this way you know you have no enemies, for you are all One in Me. I AM your Father-Mother-God, the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and forever. You are part of One family. Accept your unity with all humanity, realise there are no good or bad but all are one in Me. As you raise your consciousness you will become aware of this. Keep your eye fixed on the Light.