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Become Renewed In Spirit

August 24, 2018 By Eileen Caddy - guidance she received from the 'still, small voice within'

Do you know what it is like to Be Still? Do you know what it is like to enter the silence and become completely At-One with Spirit and the ways of the Spirit, or are these simply words to you, words that do not mean anything to you? Ponder on this, take it into meditation and see what you can make of it. As you do so, do you suddenly feel a tremendous Life Force flowing through you, do you feel your whole being, being revitalized, renewed; does a complete calm and peace infill you so you feel you are a new being, capable of doing anything,” strong enough to face anything, because you have been filled with that vital Life Force which sweeps away all doubts and fears? Do you feel that inner strength which nothing can destroy, and you can lift up your head and look the world in the face, because you know at last exactly where your security lies?

That is the way you should feel when you have taken time to Be Still and know Me, and have become renewed in Spirit. Do all this consciously, be very aware of what you are doing. Let that peace and stillness, which passes all understanding become absorbed into your being. Obliterate all that is around you, lay all your cares and worries before Me and become that vessel emptied of self, so I can infill you with My Light, My Love and My Life.