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It Only Takes A Tiny Spark To Light A Light

August 17, 2018 By Eileen Caddy - guidance she received from the 'still, small voice within'

Never accept defeat over anything; simply know you can do something about it. Look for the way and it will open up for you. For example, the world situation looks very dark at times and you think how grim everything looks. But never leave it at that. Consider for a moment what you can do about it. Never feel that one small individual is hopeless amidst such chaos and confusion Seek within and become very, very still and find that infinite power within you. Then use that power and send it out into that dark and gloomy situation. Remember it only takes a tiny spark to light a light and you can be that tiny spark. When many tiny sparks unite in thought and prayer and send out to any situation, anything can happen, and believe it will happen.