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The Christ Is Within Every Soul

September 8, 2017 By Eileen Caddy - guidance she received from the 'still, small voice within'

See beyond the immediate, see deep within and find the divine spark within every soul and fan that spark into a mighty flame. Draw the very best out of everyone, and never be content until you have done this, and again you say “yes, yes”, but when you are faced with a very difficult person or situation, what do you do? Do you really take time to seek within that soul and find the best, or do you become impatient, critical and intolerant? Only you can answer this truthfully yourselves. Remember you may not always recognise the Christ even though he may be walking in the very midst of you. The Christ is within every soul, seek and you shall find. Many an angel walks amongst you unrecognised, because you are so blinded by your own self-concern and selfishness. All who seek diligently will surely find. All who ask will be given the answer, and all who knock will gain entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven, for it is within you.

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