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The Perfect Is There Waiting For You

September 7, 2018 By Eileen Caddy - guidance she received from the 'still, small voice within'

I tell you never accept second best over anything. It would be best to blot out any mediocre picture completely and then start once again building up the perfect one with My help and guidance. I tell you it is not necessary to accept second best when the perfect is waiting there for you. Limitation is in your own consciousness. Realize this and start, expanding your consciousness right now until there are no limitations, no restrictions.

When you desire something very deeply and find that desire imprinted in your consciousness all the time, you may be sure sooner or later that desire will be answered. That is why every desire, every need, must be guided and have My hallmark and My blessing so you draw only the very best to you. See before you only the very best, if necessary go on painting that picture in your mind until it is perfect. You can do this with people, with situations, with everything.