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All Are One In My Sight

October 6, 2017 By Eileen Caddy - guidance she received from the 'still, small voice within'

See My Oneness in all individuals and in all nations. Keep expanding your consciousness until you know there is no separation, that all are One in My sight, that I AM All in All, that I AM the creator of all, the source of all power, all Love, all Light, and that this infinite power lies deep within each one. It is this power, which it is recognised and drawn forth and used to My honour and glory, which unites All, drawing all together like precious jewels on a string. All are one in My sight; it is simply a case of your awareness of Me and of My presence whether you feel this oneness there. The more you are aware of Me, the more at one you are with your fellow humans, the more love you feel towards them and the more unity and understanding you have one towards another.

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