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Essential Findhorn Programmes


Essential Findhorn Programmes

The Findhorn Foundation has developed a series of its own workshops based on more than 50 years of experience as a centre for holistic learning. Essential Findhorn begins with Experience Week and continues on a journey towards a unique blend of practical spirituality and conscious, sustainable living.

Knowing that global change begins within each one of us, we offer workshops which encourage deep self-discovery in a community where everyone, from the cook to the administrator, is part of a lively and supportive learning environment.

Essential Findhorn is a valuable life experience whether you intend to join in just one workshop or hope to be in the community for a longer period of time.


Experience Week
The best way to experience this vibrant, international community is to immerse yourself in it. Experience Week is a unique opportunity to participate in an ecovillage community that is addressing both the externals of sustainable living and the heart of sustainability – the inner life of human beings in their search for meaning and purpose.

Community Centre/a summer day

Being In Community (BIC)
A week that gives you time and space to integrate your experience of the Findhorn Foundation after another programme. You may also find it an attractive option if you just want to come back to visit and reconnect with the community.


Spiritual Retreat Weeks
Our Spiritual Retreat Weeks offer a supportive environment for personal and spiritual development within the transformational field of Findhorn. Learn new tools and develop a range of skills you can incorporate into everyday life. Explore meditation and other exercises, and through living our founding principles approach ordinary activities in a mindful way that gives space for presence, creativity and joy.


Service Weeks
These uniquely Findhorn Service Weeks are an affordable way to return to the community and immerse yourself in life here. Lend a hand and be open to the gifts of service, by applying spiritual principles in everyday life.


Applied Ecovillage Living
The Findhorn Foundation’s most complete and holistic ecovillage course. Together we will consider personal and systemic solutions that help us address the complex situations we are facing in our society in a creative, nourishing and sustainable way.


Living in Community as a Guest
Explore living as part of the Findhorn Foundation for a month or more. It is a dynamic, creative and purposeful way to experience Service as Love in Action and the gifts that come through living in community. Sharing our lives in this vibrant environment opens the space for you to deepen your relationship with yourself, people and nature as well as your connection with Spirit.


Spiritual Deepening
An invitation to step back from everyday life and immerse yourself in the transformational field of this place. Over 50 years of living by the principles of inner listening, co-creation and loving service to the whole has given our community a unique capacity to hold you with wisdom and deep empathy as you open to new possibilities in your life.


Living Essentials Apprentice Programme
Are you ready to turn the page in your life and take a leap into the next chapter? The Living Essentials Apprentice Programme (LEAP) offers you the opportunity to live, work and learn in the Findhorn Foundation for an extended period of time. Living in a spiritual community, all day every day, is a life-changing immersion into new ways of seeing and being with yourself, with others and with the world.