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Erraid is an intentional community that is located off the west coast of the Isle of Mull, near Iona, in West Scotland. It offers an opportunity to immerse in raw nature, to connect to spirit, to experience an established community and to participate in the joy of work that serves others. Members of the community have been welcoming guests here for over 40 years.

The resident community group on the island usually consists of between 6–10 members, including single people, couples and families. Turnover is gradual with most members staying for three years or more. During their time on the island members are custodians of a simple and largely unchanging way of life. They live in close proximity to each otherto nature and the seasons, and work solely within this spiritual community.

Guests are welcome to visit for short and long term stays and usually Work Exchange is an option. Please see the Erraid Website for more information about the island including how to book.