Eileen Caddy's Daily Guidance for Wednesday 7 June

Why not excel in everything you do? To be good at anything, you have to keep on practising until you have mastered it. Why do you imagine that you can have perfect results in this spiritual life if you only dabble in it? Stop being a dabbler and plunge in wholeheartedly. This life calls for everything you have to make it work, so why not give all you have and see what happens? It does not matter what it is in life, nothing will live and become part of you until you have put it into practice and have seen how it works. Start right now getting down to the art of living this spiritual life. Keep on experimenting with it, and be not put off if you do not get immediate results. Simply go on applying the principles and eventually you will see how wonderfully it all works out. It is a truly glorious life when you are willing to give yourself completely to it.

Eileen Caddy sitting indoors smiling, in black and white
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