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There are many ways to change the world. One is by changing a life.

Here at the Findhorn Foundation, we create an environment for transformative learning experiences, helping people to awaken and realise new frontiers of human potential.

Together we can open up to a new way of being – one heart at a time.

We’re committed to offering these experiences to any who seek them. That’s why we have created the Findhorn Education Support Fund (ESF), so that anyone with a demonstrated financial need can join a Findhorn experience – and help be the change the world needs now.

Participant of the permaculture design course (PDC) at the FIndhorn Foundation

Create a life-long difference

By contributing to the Findhorn Education Support Fund, you’re offering a life-changing opportunity – making it possible for someone to attend any of our programmes, onsite in Scotland or online.

Funding priority will be given to:

  • Students
  • Anyone under age 25
  • Anyone who is unemployed or on a low income
  • Anyone entering the UK as a refugee
  • Anyone with a registered disability
  • Anyone from a country listed by the United Nations as low or middle income.

We will make up to 100% coverage of costs available, including transport.

Our vision. Your impact.

Through the Findhorn Education Support Fund, our hope is to create an accessible and inclusive environment for people to learn, experience themselves and others in new ways, and to connect more deeply with nature.

When we nourish the soul, we come alive. Our practices stimulate spiritual imagination, allowing us to see and reach beyond the unknown.

This is the foundation on which we begin to co-create with the rest of world.

Meditating in the SanctuaryI was deeply grateful for the subsidy. I had not worked with William before, and I sensed he would be a wonderful guide and teacher, which proved to be the case! My practice has become more confident and much more settled. I think what I ‘learned’ is deep and therefore not easily reported. I would not have been able to enrol without the subsidy you so kindly and generously offered. I enrolled with a great feeling of eagerness because of that support behind me – you had my back, as they say. Please thank all who were involved in providing the bursary place for me, and offer up a paean of gratitude. Thank you for this moment, where I can let you know all this.

Funding Recipient

How funding will work

A Findhorn Foundation team, made up of a cross-section of people, will assess the merit of each application. All applicants will be anonymised to ensure fairness.

To ensure full transparency, all decisions will be reported to our trustees and, with prior permission from each ESF recipient, on our website.

All ESF recipients will be encouraged to document their experiences and learning, and to share these with our supporters.

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